Term Paper: Importance of Manager Behavior

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¶ … Manager Behavior

Senior Management Inter-Clean

Re: Inter-Clean / Enviro Tech Merger

The recent merger between Inter-Clean and Enviro Tech has caused a number of different rumors to circulate about possible reductions that are occurring in the sales department. This problematic, because the gossip that is occurring is causing many sales people to become concerned about their futures with Inter-Clean. As a result, this is creating a situation, where the moral among the staff is in a sharp decline and the company is beginning to see a hemorrhaging of key talent. Evidence of this can be seen by looking no further than, than the recent departure of Mary from the sales force. On the surface she was going back to receive her graduate degree, yet the circumstances surrounding her departure, indicates that she was concerned about her future with the company. Given the fact that she has worked with us for over 11 years and that she left so suddenly, is an indication of these fears among the staff. This is significant, because it shows how the proposed merger and the new sales program are having a negative impact upon Inter-Clean's marketing department. To maintain the projected growth rate of 40% (once the merger is complete) requires addressing how the behavior of managers could be having an impact upon employee morale. To determine this, it is imperative that the company tackles the issues of: how the behavior of managers could be affecting these views, the various actions taken that are in compliance / non-compliance of employment laws and the best practices for working in a diverse environment. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights, as to how Inter-Clean can address the various employee moral issues, surrounding the merger and changes to the sales force.

How a manager's behavior can affect the productivity of his or her workers?

A manager's behavior can have ripple effects upon the productivity of employees. This is because they will serve as the go between for employees and high level executives. When managers are showing a sense of indifference, this will cause employees to think that the company and management, does not care about their well being. Once this takes place, it means these attitudes will be reflected in employee conversations between themselves. At which point, they will discuss what the manager's actions mean and how they feel about them. This is problematic, because if there are negative reactions, then this can undermine any kind of attempts to improve productivity. As there is no motivation or desire on the part of employees to go the extra mile, due to the fact that they feel a lack of respect from the company and management. (Sims, 2002, pp. 155 -- 157) a similar kind of situation is occurring at Inter-Clean, as the lack of communication from managers and their sense of indifference, is causing large amounts of rumors to circulate among the staff. This is helping to contribute to the implosion in morale, since the new sales program was announced along with the Enviro… [END OF PREVIEW]

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