Importance of Packaging Term Paper

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Packaging as a Marketing Tool

The fact that packaging has become synonymous with branding for many products is illustrated by the recent Apple iPhone introduction, in addition to the continual refining of retail-based grocery and food displays. In both cases of the Apple iPhone and the launch of any new consumer goods product, the packaging is part of the branding. The Apple iPhone's packaging is small, black and minimalist to reflect the innovation that Apple is trying to convey. Likewise, the increasing use of consumer goods packaging to reflect marketing messages and positioning is now becoming commonplace.

The factors that contribute to packaging being used as part of a branding effort include the need to first and foremost, differentiate products from competitors (Brody 2006), in addition to ensuring all information is delivered in a format that is as appealing as possible (Brody 2006).

Additional factors include the concept of stacking products to create their own displays in stores, especially in grocery stores, where shelf space is… [END OF PREVIEW]

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