Impressionism, Symbolism, and Expressionism Research Paper

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This is classic impressionism.

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Question Two: (a) While I am visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, I will want to visit William Hogarth's "Five Orders of Periwigs" and Hogarth's "The Laughing Audience." Hogarth's father made critical investment mistakes and ended up in prison, but William -- left alone to fend for himself -- got involved in art and eventually used his talent (engravings) to make political and social statements. His "The Laughing Audience" features not just laughter but hideously grotesque faces with teeth missing and sinister expressions, an extraordinary blast of emotions. The "Periwigs" piece is fascinating and may have been intended as a satirical look at styles of dress and fashion. The letter to "Lord Mucklemon" is a sardonic statement about receiving money for attacking (through art) someone or something in public. I researched "Mucklemon" and found no evidence such a "lord" existed, but nonetheless Hogarth's work is historically and artistically significant. Having a chance to stand close to these works would be a thrill. Hogarth includes in this work a letter to Mucklemon and Mucklemon's response to Hogarth, making the art actually part of the literature. I wish to view his work up close. (b) The last on my list of exhibits "to look for" at the "Met" would be the medallions. Coins and medallions have never been of interest to me; my dad collected coins and stamps and I found them boring and lifeless. (c) Art by competent, creative and iconic artists, to me, are wonderfully alive and make statements about the history of societies. History through depiction of art to me is a wonderful, illuminating way to travel back in time. The remarkable and unique talents of great artists to me are far more compelling than the work of sculptors -- even "David," while dramatic and poignant, doesn't move my spirit like Monet, Picasso, Van Gough and others can do with the magic of their brush strokes.

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