How to Improve America Case Study

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¶ … governmental, organizational and/or corporate misconduct. Indeed, the problem selected for this report has plenty of all three of those. The culprit and problem that will be address is the dividing and enflaming of American society that is occurring, whether it is on purpose or by accident, the actions or inactions of a lot of people that are just after money, power or keeping the same sad song and dance moving along. This country could and should be so much better than it is now but it is wallowing in self-pity, anger and is clinging to things that are not moving America forward. The author of this report asserts boldly that this is not some empty rhetoric that is akin to a hokey political slogan and it is certainly not just a soundbite. America is going in the wrong direction, most everybody knows it and there are tangible aggravating factors that explain precisely why this is happening. Well-intentioned people know there are problems but they are fixing them or trying to fix them, whether they know it or not, from the wrong end of the problems. While trying to make things better is noble and good, it is wiser and more effective to kill the problem at its source.

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Case Study on How to Improve America Assignment

Before going any further, the author of this report is not trying to suggest that the United States does not have some proverbial and real blood on its hands when it comes to how this country was founded, how it grew, how certain groups were treated and what decisions the country still makes in terms of when they choose to intercede in international affairs and problems and when they do not. An example of the latter would be fighting a war in Iraq but letting the genocide of Darfur go on basically unabated (IJP, 2015). The first was a dubious decision (at least in the eyes of many) and involved an oil-producing country while the latter involved a country with no strategic interests that the United States deemed relevant (Juhasz, 2015). The author of this report is not trying to be incendiary when saying that…it is merely a factual observation. Iraq and its oil matter a great deal to the long-term interests of the United States while not much of anything like that can be said about Rwanda/Darfur or any of the other anarchist or violent states that exist in Africa and elsewhere around the globe. As for more dated examples, there are examples like the treatment of blacks even after slavery was abolished (e.g. Jim Crow era, etc.), the treatment of women on so many levels, the treatment of Japanese people in the United States during World War II, what happened on so many levels with the Indians…and the list goes on.

However, those times and events have passed and most of the people involved in the majority of those decisions and actions are dead and gone. However, there are some people that are truly ignorant when it comes to what the past means and how we should move forward and the problem is that a lot of those people run corporations and are elected officials in the United States government. Sure enough, if some under-educated person wants to suggest that there is some "heritage" to the "stars and bars" flag, he is entitled to his opinion under the United States Constitution and he should not be silenced (Holley, 2015). However, outmoded opinions and ideas like that are just one symptom of a country that is clearly not doing its job when it comes to creating a healthy economy, not dividing people based on identity politics and creating good schools, even for the poor and the disadvantaged. The author of the report will get to the root of the real problems from a non-religious and objective point-of-view.

To directly answer the relevant question for this section as proposed by the assignment, the social problem is that America is being dumbed down and made complacent. Rather than being challenged and taught to reach high, they are being taught to settle, to complain when things do not go their way (even if there is good reason) and they are not being scolded for bad behavior. The author will get into what is meant by that in a bit. The group or groups that are affected by all of this is really everyone but the groups that get hit the most are the young, the poor, minorities and women, as it usually is. Social inequality is thus getting bigger and people that have the means to improve their own lives and outcomes are being told they cannot win because the world is against them. Indeed, there are injustices and prejudices out there and they should be dealt with. However, that is far from being the only problem that exists.

Organizational Culpability

As noted in the introduction, the organizations that are culpable for the wrong direction we are heading in run the gamut from corporate to government and from small to large. Let us use sexual activity as just one example. Needless to say, what consenting adults do behind closed doors is none of anyone else's business and the author of this report would wholeheartedly agree with that statement. However, there is one huge caveat as to when there is a point of disagreement….when the activity hurts or harms others and becomes a social problem. When it comes to sexual activity, there are several major things that can happen and they can all become major social problems. However, the problem with government and many private organizations is that they are actively encouraging or at least turning a blind eye to such behavior in the name of not being judgmental or to make a buck. For example, adultery is not a crime (nor should it be) but it can be very destructive on a number of levels. It tears up marriages and breaks up homes (CNN, 2012). While much of the culpability for that goes to the cheater, there are organizations that actively pursue and target people who engage in adultery. One of the more notorious examples of this would be the company Ashley Madison. Their sole and main business objective is to help married people find "friends" to have sex with and they unapologetically market to married people (Ashley Madison, 2015).

A different but related example would be something that falls on government more than anyone. There have always been births out of wedlock and this will never change. However, the rate at which this is occurring is growing at an alarming rate and it is to the extent that nearly half…one in two…children in this country are born out of wedlock (Castillo, 2013). While many may hold that this is an exercise in proselytizing and such, that is absolutely not the case. It has been established and proven through the ages that children in nuclear families (and that would include LGBT couples and step-parents of any sort) often do much better in life than those that grow up in a single parent household. Of course, this is because single parents (which are usually women) are often poorer and have less resources. Beyond that, a good many of the people in this country that are having children out of wedlock are those that can ill afford to be doing so. There are some alarming statistics regarding people having unprotected sex, people having unplanned pregnancies and the family structures (or lack thereof) that ensure after the fact. There has to be a commitment and focus on teaching people to family plan properly, what can truly go wrong when this does not occur and the author of this report has not even mentioned the rampant spread of sexually transmitted diseases that is happening concurrent to the unwed mother issue. To be clear, it is not about Bible-thumping or judging. Rather, it is about making solid life choices and only having or raising children when one is ready, willing and able to do so. Because this education and counseling is not occurring, so many people that have no business being parents are raising children that are being raised in dysfunctional and broken homes and the foster system simply cannot support the arc that is currently happening. Indeed, even many foster parents are acting in deviant and maladjusted ways (WHO, 2015).

The second of three major issues mentioned above would be the school system. What a child does and does not learn during their childhood is critical and key to what will happen when they grow up. If they start off on a bad path as a child, the chances that this will right itself in adulthood is extremely unlikely. While a huge part of getting this right has to do with the parenthood problem mentioned in the prior section, the schools in this country are a mess, at least a lot of them are. Many people talk about money being an issue and it indeed… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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