Improve My Writing Skills in English Essay

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¶ … improve my writing skills in English, and 2) understand more about how the world is connected and how our actions affect others. In terms of my writing, since English is not my first language, it was often difficult to use the right vocabulary and phrasing to make my points. I had to spend a great deal of time with the dictionary, rewriting, and reading my material aloud to others in order to make sure it made sense. I learned about organizing and outlining my writing, and also about how complex English can be in terms of word choice. For instance, even the concept of sustainability and ecology can have many phrases that mean something similar; and when trying to right about the concept of "one world," I had to rewrite a number of times.

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Improvements in my writing, I think, came from being strict with myself about using an outline. Of course I knew that an outline was a list, a way to put relationships on paper. but, I was not skilled at using the outline to improve my writing as a more "active" document in which I added, deleted, edited and changed in order to have a map for my writing assignment. I think that it was very important that I kept working with outlines so that I could better organize my ideas and keep track of large amounts of information. I also used outlines to help me understand the relationships between the things I was writing about. For instance, when I wrote about Farmer's Markets, I had many ideas about their use, reasons people like them, and how important they are to the environment. By using an outline, I organized my thoughts so that the ideas and story not only made sense to me, but flowed and told a better story to the reader.

In terms of content, I think that there were four major issues that I became more aware of during the class, and because of my research and writing: globalism, sustainability, the one-world concept, and cultural differences based on my country and religion (Saudi Arabia and Islam), and other views.

Essay on Improve My Writing Skills in English, and Assignment

Of course I was aware of the term globalism and globalization -- who is not? It is in the newspapers and popular press constantly. Perhaps that is why it meant more to me to learn about the way that a number of economic, political and cultural movements began to change the world, especially closer to the 21st century. I learned that globalism was not just a theory, but more of a concept. The idea, it seems, is that modern life is so complex and interconnected that events and actions all over the world are tied together -- and it does not matter what country, what religion, what political force, or even how rich or poor the country is, everything is tied together. Because of this, the ways countries communicated with each other in the past no longer work well. By having economic trade and treaties between nations, and with the ability to use modern technology to communicate better with anyone globally, conflict should be less because people have an interest in keeping trade and communication open. This, I think, is very important especially coming from the Arab world where, at times, the culture is more isolated and the view is that "we are right" and the rest of the world is wrong. I learned that there is really no right and wrong when dealing with other cultures and beliefs, only differences along a long line of grey.

Second, I became interested in the works and ideas of Michael Pollan. Pollan writes about using food sources wisely -- both animals and plants. Indeed, both animals and plants are resources that humans need, and I understand this. However, there is a big difference between using resources as we need them and wasting them. This is a huge shift in thought when one goes into an American grocery store -- or looks at the piles of food that are thrown out every day at the same time that children are hungry all over the world. Pollan says we are omnivores, but that we have a real dilemma. The dilemma is that humans are omnivorous -- we can eat mean, grain, vegetables -- a wide variety of what nature has to offer. Deciding what to eat, what bounty of nature to utilize,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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