Improved Your Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Yourself Essay

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¶ … Improved Your Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Yourself in This Session Through This Course

The mathematical skill that was taught in the course is necessary for a career that may be related to business, investment and analysis. In other words the course shows the path to business mathematics by the use of exponential, and logarithmic functions that management use in the Managerial information systems -- MIS and this is also used with functions, set theories and other allied matters thought to analyze data and solve problems related to the market, and necessary decisions to be made can be based on these knowledge. To that extent I feel I have gained a lot. The overall experience is that the course has given me the ability to attend to problems that I once feared. Due to this course the approach to math, which I always approached with trepidation has changed and am now ready and willing to go further in exploring mathematics, both for its academic interest and also as a useful tool for me in my daily work.

2. Evaluation of the work you did during the session for the class and explanations of ways you could have performed better

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I have been introduced and provided guidance and training to seek the results of complicated functions that can provide with answers to every day questions that I may have to answer in the course of my trade or occupation and generally in life. These include the data sets. The lessons on functions were tough and I believe that I could have put in better effort there. The functions are still hazy but I found the use of the calculation of simple things like interest, and the profitability etc. As something very useful to me. I did concentrate more on them and perhaps they may have caused the problems in my understanding of the other topics. I believe that I could have done better with the study of functions, and I performed rather well but I could have done better.

Essay on Improved Your Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Yourself Assignment

There were small gaps in my understanding probably a result of my anxiety… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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