Improvement How Is Process Essay

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The common thread the many of these initiatives is proper planning and forecasting. Process improvements are important as they help companies plan more effectively in regards to their underlying business operations. This planning ultimately leads to higher productivity per worker. As a result, less workers can do the same amount of work, or more work can be done by the same amount of employers. Either way, overall costs associated with transportation are reduced. Furthermore, process improvements must be executed properly in to achieve transportation excellence. Here automated systems and technology aid in the overall process. Many of the examples mentioned above use extensive of amounts of data, technology and platforms. These processes further create value as they help deliver transportation excellence

Process improvement can also be expanded to all logistical functions within the company. Human resources for example, can better ascertain the required staffing levels needed for certain jobs. This logistic function maximizes productivity of individual workers by extended process improvements to the overall Human resources function. Cost control and accounting can better aid the logistical function through process improvements. Optimization techniques such as multi-stop truckloads and LTL shipments help reduce costs within the logistical function. These costs can ultimately be transferred to other logistical areas within the overall business (Kock, 1994).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Improvement How Is Process Improvement Assignment

Process improvements are of particular interest to the entire supply chain. Collaboration, communication, and symmetry across all channels of the supply chain can help increase the effectiveness of process improvements. In regards to logistics, a coordinated effort to reduce costs and increase productivity would be enhanced through process improvement. For instance, one common system used by all members of the supply chain allow for a reduction in both cycle times and overall cycle times. Information sharing through process improvements allows more individuals to collaborate and synchronize their efforts accordingly. Information sharing is critical in regards to process improvements as its allows cross functional teams to collaborate with one common purpose. The receiving team, the loading team, wholesalers, and distributors all have a vested stake in process improvements through the use of information sharing. As such, process improvements can be extended to all areas of logistical planning. By extending process improvements to the entire supply chain, the logistical functions of all parties are enhanced.

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