Improving Local Health Care: Quality Essay

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Therefore, there is an increased need to adopt several process-improvement framework or techniques since medical errors are brought by system or process failures. These process-improvement frameworks can be adopted in the system by applying them in the management of IM/IT department.

Some of the major examples of process improvement frameworks include Six Sigma, failure modes and effects analysis, Lean Management, Plan-Do-Study-Act, and Root Cause Analysis. These measures have widely been used in the health sector to improve the safety and quality of care services to patients. The first recommendation for applying various process improvement frameworks in the management of IM/IT department is Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). As a means for developing clinical practice, continuous quality improvement is based on the principal that the health care system has room for improvement in every process and occasion. This approach is usually directed by clinicians and geared towards a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of delivery of care services. Unlike research initiatives, continuous quality improvements provide relevant information that is applicable to the health care facility (Hughes, 2008).

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Secondly, internal benchmarking can be used for applying several process improvement frameworks. This application focuses on identifying best practices within the facility, comparing the best practices, and comparing current practice over time. This process should also incorporate external benchmarking since the internal process does not necessarily reflect the best practices in other health care facilities. This provides the health care organization with an opportunity to compare its best practices with those of other facilities in order to determine the quality of its services and processes. The use of benchmarking is important in this process because it helps the facility to determine the extent with which it is delivering quality care.

Management Database:

TOPIC: Essay on Improving Local Health Care: Quality Assignment

A successful and effective service knowledge management system is dependent on a robust configuration management database. This is primarily because the management database acts as the source of configuration details and relationships that individuals rely on to control services in the entire lifecycle. Notably, a robust configuration management database serves as a store of information related to each component of an information management system. Therefore, a robust configuration management database is linked to service framework and operational efficiency.

A robust configuration management database could be beneficial to the local health services provider because it plays an essential role in the service management framework, technology management, and providing important information regarding operations. The major benefit of a robust configuration management database is that it will enable the health care provider to measurably enhance operational effectiveness. For instance, the system helps the organization to conduct quality improvement measures such as root cause analysis much faster.


The improvement of local health care services is a process that requires the application of proper concepts and strategies. One of the major ways to improve local health care is through communication and coordination of care. Secondly, process improvement frameworks could be applied to the management of the IM/IT department through benchmarking and CQI. A robust configuration management database should also be considered because of its benefits.


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