Term Paper: Improving Performance Through Empowerment

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[. . .] So to accomplish this task what is needed is a pro-active approach than a reactive approach." (Adams, 1987).

Most triumphant multidisciplinary teams are brought about because of a corporate structure that forms a basis for the teamwork by educating, planning, training, gathering experience and nurturing the team on the whole. The various production companies and the exploration companies have different levels of tem performance and success from other organizations. It is felt that the success of these multidisciplinary teams is dependent on the individuals in the organization to be able to work in an environment in which every other person is working simultaneously and information can be had from all sources. "For the success of a productions and exploration company is essential that they have excellent standards and techniques that can be implemented by the multidisciplinary teams to be able to reform the human resources process and to be manage a team, and its technical philosophy." (Tear pock and Bischke, 2002).

Individuals who are dedicated to their work feel that the problems that arise are a challenge by which they can improve the relations in their team. Teamwork is very essential for the success of an organization. Each manager concentrates on one particular sector of the industry, like chemicals or even banking so as to do in-depth research on that field. These portfolio managers meet on a regular basis to analyze the information gained by them and to update the others. By knowing that the investment made by him, a client, feels more secure and is ultimately benefited because not one but an entire team is working to improve the organization and his investment. In organizations, teamwork is so important that the members of a team usually work in an area of the office where they have no separations so that they are able to easily exchange information. "When tasks are related to each other, complex organizations depend on teams for getting the work done." (Tesluk and Mathieu, 1999)

In the sixties, Procter & Gamble were so successful because of their self-directed teams that they considered them as their trade secret. Now most companies all over the world have realized that in order to increase their production levels, their customer responses and to be able to bring about rapid changes, which would ultimately lead to more ownership by the employees and it ultimately have huge profits it is essential that they have excellent teamwork in their organizations. It was also discovered that teams also help in betterment of communication, cooperation and the morale of the employees. The leaders of many organizations now are for instigating teamwork; even it was just means that the employees get along with each other or big time self-directed teams.

Though it is not enough to divide people into groups and ask them to work, in order to attain successful outcomes from these members. A through analysis of the corporate structure and the culture of the organization should be done at the same time. In order to bring about a team-based company may alterations will have to be made to the existing organization. By managing problems that arise in the organization effectively with the help of teamwork is what makes the workplace excellent. By collaborating we can increase the level of innovation and the creativity level and hence we can ultimately save the amount of money spent by the organizations as such on the number of individuals and the resources used by them.

Management cannot perform without effective communication. It is also required for understanding clients, innovation and coordination of effort from different people. Organizational communication requires the culture or the climate to support it within the organization to be effective. This means that there must be trust, openness, and good communication practices and shared responsibility within the organization. Effective communication also generally indicates that the organization has employee empowerment. Daily decision-making requires honest and repeated communication, as does the sharing of the strategic plan, information about key performance indicators, and financial performance of the company. In business, good external and internal communications foster good relationships with the employees, stockholders, and media, neighboring factories, citizens and the regulating authorities. Good, systematic communications helps positive changes, improved understanding and the credibility of the organization. Communication strategy and implementation improves business performance in general.

Research has shown that communications very important business necessity for speeding up change and improving performance across the world. This is important even when aligning and motivating employees. Randstad and Roper have conducted an annual study of the job market of North America. Randstad is one of the largest staffing firms of the world and Roper ASW is a leading market research and consultancy firm. The study has shown that communication in the workplace is critical for employee satisfaction and loyalty. This satisfaction and loyalty between employers and employees provides good reasons for confidence in the employer and the directions given by the managers. This leads to better production. CEOs who want to improve the organizations performance should be good communicators. This strong interdependence between good communication and employee loyalty is also reflected in the recent Mercer surveys in UK workers and U.S.. In their study titled "What's Working, The Mercer survey of People at Work" carried out in 2002, Mercer surveyed a large group of UK workers and U.S.. They were asked questions on their attitudes and perceptions on a range of workplace issues including questions on leadership communication.

One of the important findings from survey was that when employees mentioned that their management kept workers well informed, "only 155 of those workers were also seriously thinking of leaving their companies and only 6% said that they were dissatisfied with their company. More than 40% reported to be looking for outside employment, while 42% reported dissatisfaction. Mercer's survey also showed that employee's valued ready access to the information needed to do their job. If they had this information only 18% were thinking of changing jobs and 10% were dissatisfied. For employees who did not have this information readily, 48%were thinking of changing the job, and 49% were dissatisfied with their jobs." (What's Working, 2002) This was a very important research on employee perceptions and attitudes regarding the value of communications. This tells the CEOs and business leaders to change their misconceptions about the employees that they are only interested in pay and benefits and not in any other matters regarding the working place.

The employees attach the most important value of two-way communications with the employers. Conversations when successfully performed can "kick-start your career, strengthen your relationships and improve your health." (Patterson; Grenny; McMillan and Switzler, 2002). This communication must be an ongoing process to both inform and lead the workers, and at the same time to listen to and be involved with the workers. The final objective is to influence employee behavior. Effective communication is a strategic exercise and has to be organized by the leader. It will build an understanding about the vision and direction of the business among the employees. This is a very important factor to influence the behavior of employees and is not just giving information about the organization.

Of the types of information valued most by employees from the leaders, the employees will say that it is the information by which they can do their jobs and manage their careers. They also would like to know the future direction of the organization. It is most important for only the leaders to try and start this process of communication to build a bridge of understanding through effective communication and developed communication skills. Other people trying to do this will not be believed, or will have the necessary authority. The senior managers bear the ultimate responsibility to develop and communicate the entrancing corporate vision.

The organizations, which are poor in performance, look at communications tactically and concentrate their communication resources on updating employees about product updates and in explaining new programs and policies. The right sort of communications is to ensure that employees clearly understand the vision and direction of the organization as a whole, the role to be played by each individual in the process and the rewards that can be expected on reaching there. The best organizations do not just concentrate on media relations, crisis management and product promotions and new events. They also teach the employees about the culture of the organization and the values. They inform the employees about the progress of the organization to its goal. The most important aspect of good strategic communication is to understand the different audiences along with the needs of different individuals by the leader. This will result in the employees performing the best with regular job performance reviews, and understand the company's goals and financial position. This will tell them what has to be done and build their confidence in the company's management. If the communications, which is the message, is clearly understood by both the employees and the employers the productivity can… [END OF PREVIEW]

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