Thesis: Improving Truck Driver Safety

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Improving Truck Driving Safety

In addition to playing a vital role in the economy of the United States, truck drivers have also begun to pose an increasing danger to themselves and other road users. This is the result of a variety of factors. Truck driver fatigue for example plays a major role in accidents involving trucks.

In response to the significance of this problem, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has legally instituted a regulation in 2003 to limit the hours that truckers spend on the road (Munley, Munley & Cartwright, 2009). The problem however remains that both personal, professional and political factors make it difficult for truck drivers to maintain a sensible cycle of work and sleep hours. Because of these factors, some truck drivers simply and knowingly ignore the regulations that are in place for their safety as well as the safety of others. Driver fatigue is still cited as the main factor in as many as 20-40% of accidents involving trucks (Munley, Munley & Cartwright, 2009).

Professionals such as Munley, Munley… [END OF PREVIEW]

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