Improving Truck Driving Safety Research Proposal

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Improving Truck Driving Safety

The trucking industry in the United States has grown exponentially with the expansion of the country and its increasing needs for physical resources. Truck drivers therefore play a vital role in the functioning of the country. On the other hand, however, these drivers have also begun to cause a danger for their fellow road users. Truck driver fatigue has for example become an extensive problem not only for the drivers themselves, but also as this affects the safety of those sharing the road with them. The problem has reached such serious proportions, that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has legally instituted a regulation in 2003 to limit the hours that truckers spend on the road (Munley, Munley & Cartwright, 2009). The problem however remains that, both personal, professional and political factors make it difficult for truck drivers to maintain a sensible cycle of work and sleep hours.

This study will investigate the reasons why truck drivers apparently knowingly ignore the regulations that have been put in place for their safety as well as the safety of others. Indeed, although the 2003 regulation has reduced accidents, the U.S. National Transport Safety Board still cite driver fatigue as the main factor that is to blame for as many as 20-40% of accidents involving trucks (Munley, Munley & Cartwright, 2009).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Proposal on Improving Truck Driving Safety Assignment

Truck drivers are subject to a variety of factors in transporting their cargo across the United States. Personal and professional factors may concomitantly play a role in a driver's urge to push the boundaries of acceptable work hours. Personal and professional revenue for example play a significant role. Companies can profit from keeping their drivers on the road longer, for example. In order to accomplish this, drivers are offered bonuses for longer road hours with shorter breaks. On a more practical level, truckers may also wish to avoid traffic problems during particular times of the day, and therefore continue driving despite fatigue. On a personal level, truck drivers may be anxious to reach their homes for holidays or weekends. It can also be that the driver is experiencing problems at their homes or in their personal lives. The preoccupation with such problems could contribute to a lack of sleep and also a lack of concentration, which can compound to make the problem even worse.

In order to provide proof for the above-mentioned problem area, various research reports will be investigated. Munley, Munley & Cartwright (2009), for example are a company of attorneys specializing in the field of truck accidents and their causes. They resolve such matters on a regular basis, and are therefore experts in their field, providing reliable data by means of which the issue can be investigated.

In addition to document research, interviews can also be conducted with truck drivers, their companies, and even with legal advisers and legislators. A limitation here could be a tendency to not be entirely truthful about the problem as it relates to the interviewee him- or herself, due to the sensitivity of the subject. It is projected that many professionals would be unwilling to admit to wrongdoing, regardless of how diplomatically the questions are put. Proving the problem in this way might therefore be somewhat challenging. Nevertheless, a great number of studies are available on the issue, and these can be used to substantiate the points made by the research. Court cases are also a valuable source of information, research and data.

Max Baker (2006) for example addresses two court cases in which driver fatigue were said to play a significant role in fatal truck accidents. The driver, Jimmy D. Jordan, was killed in March 2004 in an accident on interstate 30. His family was compensated with a $2.25 million out of court settlement. A jury verdict in another case returned a $2 million payout by the Fort Worth Carrier Corporation for a 2001 Missouri crash, in which the driver was killed and his wife injured. In addition to the maintenance record of the trucks themselves, questions were raised about the drivers, their possible sleep deprivation, and the role that these played in the respective

Accidents (Baker, 2006). In both cases, it was found that the companies were responsible both for truck maintenance and driver safety. Working hours… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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