Inception Affirmative Action Term Paper

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¶ … inception affirmative action has been the basis of considerable debate. The program was an ambitious attempt at overcoming the U.S.'s long history of racial and sexual discrimination by equalizing the benefits for those who had been denied opportunities. Unfortunately, the program may have actually contributed to increasing the divisions that had characterized American society and there is a strong argument that the playing field for those for whom affirmative action was initiated is still unbalanced.

The affirmative action movement grew out of the civil rights movement of the early 1960s. The purpose of affirmative action was to provide special consideration to minorities and women in regard to employment, educational admissions, and business contracts. The affirmative action program does not apply in all situations. In its simplest form, affirmative action applies to employers and agencies with more than 50 employees or students and who have contracted with the federal government in some form and where the contract involves goods or services in excess of $50,000 or more. The stated goal of such programs was to increase diversity by encouraging the hiring, admission, and contracting of women and minorities. In time, the theory was that by providing the target groups with increased opportunities would eventually result in equalization of the number of minorities and women in the market place.

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In practice, affirmative action programs require that employers, admission officers, and persons with responsible for granting government contracts to grant a preference to a woman or minority in all situations where two similarly qualified applicants were applying for a job, admission to a college program, or for a government contract. Theoretically, such programs were not supposed to operate under a quota system or to provide preference to applicants that were not qualified.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Inception Affirmative Action Has Been the Basis Assignment

As stated earlier, affirmative action has been the source of considerable political debate in the United States. On the right, affirmative action has been viewed as a poorly thought out concept that should have never been enacted and that has never accomplished what it was intended to do. The Right's view on affirmative action has been bolstered by U.S. Supreme Court decisions that have limited the application of the concept and by the passage of legislation in several states that have either abolished or limited its use. On the left, support for affirmative action remains strong but is weakening as there is increased evidence that the program has not accomplished what it was intended to do and that the resulting backlash has caused women and minorities to reconsider the overall benefits of the program. Fifty years after the initiation of the program, the reality is that women and minorities continue to hold positions that pay lower salaries and that open discrimination against such groups continues in the market place.

For many, affirmative action is too often confused as being a part of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ( the Civil Rights Act of 1964). Although Title VII has… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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