Indentify and Address Some Important Case Study

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Method of Analysis

To help formalize and standardize Ann's experiences, the author created a rubric to established a heuristic tool that measured certain qualities of that were deemed pertinent to the research. The author wrote" in developing the rubric, I drew from research comparing teachers' thinking at novice, developing and expert level, which generally finds that expert teachers, compared to novice teacher make more distinctions among aspects of curriculum and instruction and bring to bear more elaborated thinking about their judgments." The rubric was also divided into four dimensions of epistemological beliefs that include; task definition, perspective taking, self reflexivity, and locus of decision making. In other words, this rubric attempted to measure the metaphysical movements of Ann using the aforementioned qualities as describers of action and behavior.

The methods of this research are unique in some ways because of the style of the research itself is unique. The research was self-participating in the development and education of Ann as she experienced her trials and tribulations adjusting to both her own studies and the classroom events that were documented in this article. This approach is unconventional in many ways, but these methods appear to be fulfilling the requirements of inductive reasoning by empirical experiment. This research reads much like a story, as opposed to a research document that is written in cold and dead language.

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The author's emotions appear to shine through in this article, simultaneously strengthens it in some ways, but weakens it in other ways. This idea was fully expressed by the author when she wrote "my task, however, was not to simply offer her (Ann) strategies and ideas but to slow down her learning process so that she could reflect more deeply on her beliefs and assumptions. I used various strategies to do this: analyzing epistemological and ideological assumptions in documents, reading works that reflect multiple ideological perspectives, engaging in personal interactions that challenge thinking and engaging in reflective writing.

Major Conclusions

Case Study on Indentify and Address Some Important Assignment

The articles conclusions were presented in a very subjective and qualitative manner that diminishes much of the hard work and effort that went into the following of Ann and her experiences throughout a school year. The case study format of this research does present the researcher with certain flexible options in describing and creating the specific types of data models that can be used to answer important research questions. This article however, despite its descriptive nature, falls short of any true scientific discovery.

The author eventually concluded her model in terms of her own style of teaching and seemed to be merely comparing Ann's experiences with her own. This idea is reflected when the author wrote "when I teach, I intentionally disrupt expectations, tapping into historically marginalized points-of-view about what is worth knowing into teachers' beliefs about what schooling could be." This statement suggests that the research was not done in a very objective or unbiased manner.


While I agree with the author's ideas on challenging the institutionalized assumptions that are rampant within curriculum development efforts, the approach of this research article are not convincing in any scientific manner. The case study research approach does provide advantages, but in this example, the article reflects a very opinionated and limited view of teaching and learning.

The author's style using the firsts person and reflecting the experiences of Ann in her own philosophy throughout the article does not present a very balanced argument into the ideas of education. It is clear that the research is intending to challenge the status quo and revolutionize the way that teachers approach the learning process and pass on those lessons to the students they may expose these ideas onto. The arguments made throughout the article do resonate with truth and reason, however the self-serving perspective of the author diminishes these points as the focus of the tone of the article ultimately concludes how the author is superior to new teachers who have not considered her rubric and models for learning.


Sleeter, C. (2009). Developing teacher epistemological sophistication about multicultural curriculum: A case study. Action… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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