Independent and Dependent Variables Term Paper

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Independent and Dependent Variables

In most of the experimental designs, the use of both dependent and independent variable is necessary.

Dependent variable refers to the variable that that the researcher believes might be influenced or modified by various factors such as treatment or exposure. Sometimes, dependent variables are also use as the representation of the variable that the researcher is trying to predict. In the simplest term, dependent variables are the variables with which the values in various treatment conditions are compared (,2006).

Independent variable, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of the dependent variable. This is the variable that has the ability to influence the researcher's outcome measure. Independent variables can be the values that the researcher him/herself controls. It can also be used to represent some demographic factors such as age or gender. At most times, independent variables are coined as the 'hypothesized cause' (,2006).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Independent and Dependent Variables Essay

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