Individual Analysis Group Behavior Term Paper

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Individual Analysis-Group Behavior

Wilfred Bion's Psychoanalytical Group Theories Analyzed

Through analysis and interpretation of Wilfred Bion's various writings on the psychology of groups and how that psychology affects the individuals within that group I have made several associations of his theories to my everyday life. His theories on Work give insight on how groups can be successful in various tasks by inspiring individuals to support each other in completion of certain tasks. With this knowledge, one can see how to use elements of this theory to organize groups with successful results. His Work Avoidance theories also show how many people put off taking charge to complete a goal and instead substitute their ambition for things such as religion, as well as being tainted by the reaction of fight or flight to working towards succeeding at a certain goal. With this knowledge gained through Bion's work, including his 1961 work Experiences in Groups, one can understand how to successfully organize and motivate individuals through reviving their innate place within a supportive work group in order to accomplish goals and expectations.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Individual Analysis Group Behavior Assignment

Wilfred Bion essentially states that no individual is ever completely separated from a group. It is in our very natures to be incorporated and associated within a group setting. Bion posits this through his examination of the previous theories of Freud and Klein. In the case of Sigmund Freud, Bion proves his theory to be relevant through exploring the extreme familial ties in the Oedipus theory. Despite how far one travels away from the group, that individual is still intimately connected with that group; in the case of the Greek myth, Oedipus is separated from his family, only to reunite with them unknowingly through marrying his own mother. Freud expanded on this myth and claimed that all children have oedipal feelings towards their parents of the opposite sex. This reinforces the group mentality within each and every individual. Bion relates this theory to his own idea of "pairing" the group, which is associated with his idea of Work Avoidance.

The contrast between the Work and Work Avoidance theory is also important in relating Bion's work to one's everyday life. We already explored the intimate and innate relationship each individual has towards a particular group. Now with these theories, one can see if the efforts of those groups will either be successful, or futile based on their tendency to use Work Avoidance methods, such as placing all faith in a Messiah to make the decisions for the group's fate. Religion plays an important role in Bion's theory of Work Avoidance. Groups use the philosophies of religion to assign a certain deity or messiah… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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