Individual Differences Approach to Personality Essay

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As a result of the link, the brain subsystems are in turn associated with measurable individual differences in personality. While this biological theory to explain individual differences in personality is relatively weak, it has created significant personality research to an extent that it is still a dominant theory.

The second approach in explaining individual differences in personality with reference to genes is the type theory that suggests that personality is based in biology. Based on this foundation, biology is the determinant of type, which in turn contributes to individual traits. Type theory is explained using various systems such as ascending reticulocortical activating system and limbic system.

Given the weaknesses of each biological theory in explaining personality with reference to genes, individual differences in personality cannot be entirely and adequately explained with reference to genes. While these theories have provided the basis for biological explanations of individual differences, they are relatively weak and inconclusive. They provide biological or genetic underpinnings for understanding individual differences but do not explain these differences in a satisfactory manner. Even though individual differences in personality are inherited, genetics alone or biological underpinnings cannot be the sole contribution to these differences in personality.

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The other contributing factor on why individual differences cannot be adequately explained with reference to genes is the nature of people and other animals to be fundamentally adaptive. Based on this nature, human beings are primarily adaptive to the environments they are exposed to or live in. Actually, humans have an intrinsic and tremendous ability to adapt to their respective environments.

Essay on Individual Differences Approach to Personality: Assignment

The question of whether individual traits are caused by genetics or environments is meaningless since nature and nurture are not only in interaction but are also important to life and development. It is practically impossible for genetics to have complete effect in determining individual differences in personality. This is primarily because genotype has its impact on the developing organism within the organism's environment to generate the phenotype. Generally, biological explanations of individual differences in personality show the strong link between personality and genetics. However, genetic and environmental factors usually interact to generate some effects on an individual's personality.

The interactions between genetic and environmental factors usually occur through continuous processes beginning at conception and proceeding after birth with a significant increase in the diversity and complexity of environments. Environments influence individual differences in personality since they are physical and consist of other people and factors with different meanings. Individual diversity in personality is brought by the interaction processes between reactive organisms and reactive, meaningful environments (Thomas, n.d., p.326). Therefore, individual differences in personality cannot be adequately explained with reference to genes because of the influence of environmental factors on individual diversity.

In conclusion, personality is a term that refers to the many patterns of similarities and patterns of differences among individuals. There are various ways with psychologists have examined individual differences in personality including the use of genetics. Through this method, psychologists have mainly examined biological underpinnings that contribute to individual differences in personality. While these measures provide some insights regarding personality, individual differences in personality cannot be adequately explained with reference to genes because of the weaknesses of these theories and the effect of environmental factors.


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