Individual Right of Japanese American in WWII Essay

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Japanese WWII

Both the Chicago Daily Tribune and the Los Angeles Times presented the anti-Japanese sentiments during World War Two as being a matter of constitutional protection for citizens of the United States. In "Supreme Court Rules Loyal Nips Held Illegally," Warren B. Francis outlines a series of cases related to the internment of Japanese citizens during the Second World War. Francis's article, published in December of 1944 in the Los Angeles Times, centers on the legal conclusion that detentions should not be based on ethnicity but rather genuine and proven threats. Likewise, the Chicago Daily Tribune editorial "Citizens by Right," published in May of 1943, harshly criticizes the detention of Japanese citizens on the basis of their ancestry alone. Although one is a pithy editorial and the other straightforward journalism, the two newspaper articles both condemn the Japanese internment camps.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Individual Right of Japanese American in WWII Assignment

Both articles present the issue of detainment as a matter of constitutional protection. In the Chicago Daily Tribune, the author notes that the Supreme Court decision "found that persons of Japanese blood, born in this country, cannot be deprived of their American citizenship." The author comments: "the decision was a sound one and, indeed, no other finding was possible if the Constitution is to be recognized as the supreme law of the land." Citing the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendment, the author continues in a sardonic tone: "Mr. Regan was asking the courts to declare the Constitution unconstitutional." The Los Angeles Times article is not an editorial and therefore has a less opinionated tone. Yet anger and frustration are still apparent in the reporter's statements of fact. For example, the author quotes sources that uphold the value of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments. Citing one source, the author notes, "the President's war powers are definitely… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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