Individual Summary and Reflection Our Team Essay

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Individual Summary and Reflection

Our team defines electronic waste (eWaste) as discarded office electronic equipment, computer, mobile phones, television sets, and entertainment electronic devices. Integrated in this definition is the used electronics destined to be recycled. However, our project focuses on the collection of e-Waste, which include Apple mobile phones, and Apple computer that will be destined to be recycled into a new product. The strategy we use to collect as much eWaste as possible is by rewarding people who deposit their eWaste with gift cards worth $100. Our team is implementing this program to assist the community to lower the environmental pollution arisen from discarding the eWaste. Several societal and environmental benefits our venture will deliver:

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First, our venture will assist in the conservation of natural resources and reducing the environmental pollution. It is essential to realize that redesigned and configured electronics will requires lesser materials during the production process. Moreover, the recycled electronic material requires less energy and the strategy will assist in declining the environmental pollution. When lesser energy is used to produce product, energy is saved and saved energy is translated into reduced greenhouse gas emission. Thus, our project is in line with the goals of Environmental Protection Agency (2000) designed to ensure sound environmental protection and focusing on the well-being of American people. Typically, unjust disposal of electronic materials could cause a climate change that could have a serious health impact on the community. The climate change could also decrease or increase rainfall in a given year and the issue could have serious impact on agricultural crops yields. Thus, our venture is to decline unjust disposal of electronic waste that could lead to a climate change. Moreover, our venture will aim to promote greener electronic product that will be made from fewer toxic materials.

Essay on Individual Summary and Reflection Our Team Defines Assignment

More importantly, our venture is to keep electronic waste out of landfill. Although, landfill practice is illegal in the United States, nevertheless, some organizations or individuals could perpetuate the landfill act to dispose their old electronics if they do not have alternatives to dispose their electronic materials. Our venture is to discourage individuals or organizations from perpetuating landfill practice that may endanger the life of people in the United States.

Environmental Protection Agency (2000) points out that electronic products are manufactured from valuable resources such as precious metal, glass, engineering plastic and other electronic materials. All these materials requires great amount of energy to source and manufacture. The benefit of e-Waste is that these electronic products could be profitably refurbished with little energy and little effort. Additionally, the recycling electronic products can be used to manufacture new product or be used to refurbish older product.

Our venture will deliver other societal benefits, which include donation of electronics product to people who could not afford buying new electronic products. Typically, the donation of electronic product will extend the product lifecycle and will assist the individuals and the organizations that do not have electronics to have opportunities to make use of second hand electronic equipment. More importantly, we could derive advantage of tax incentives from our venture. The 21th Century Classrooms Act encourages organizations to donate computer to private and public schools. By donating computer to non-profit organizations, we could enjoy the tax returns benefits that will assist our venture to lower the costs of operations.

Despite the societal and environmental benefits that our venture will deliver, the recycling of electronic waste may be dangerous to health of workers if organizations do not follow the required guideline for recycling. Typically, the electronic scrap materials contain the contaminated hazardous that could have impact to health. These electronic components may also contain contaminated materials such as beryllium, cadmium and lead. Thus, recycling of e-Waste may involve significant risks to communities and workers. Thus, unsafe exposure to electronic materials during recycling could engager health of workers and community.


Sustainability is an environmental protection policy promoted by the American government for the well-being of people. Sustainability is the capacity to manage the available resources to enhance environmental viability and sustainability focuses on the effective management of ecological and biological system for the well-being of human endeavor. Robust sustainable electronic product processing will reduce energy emitted, which will decline the overall carbon emission.

The goal of our venture is to enhance sustainability of electronic initiatives targeted to improve the well-being of American people. Sustainable electronic initiative (SEI) is an American government policy started in 2009 to develop and implement sustainable method of design, recycling and remanufacturing of electronic product, which include cell phones, and computer. Since our team focuses on the product of Apple Inc., our venture will assist in the sustainable recycling of Apple electronic product. The sustainability venture that we are going to promote will be targeted towards the overall process of electronic computer and cell phone in a less harmful and sustainable form.

In the United States, the most influential environmental condition that has great impact in the ecosystem is the carbon emission and increase in the carbon emission could endanger life of American people. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the greenhouse emitted into the atmosphere primarily caused by the human activities. In 2010, 84% of the greenhouse emitted is caused by human activities. While Carbon dioxide is naturally present in the atmosphere, however, human activities such as manufacturing of electronic product could increase the carbon emitted into the atmosphere. While carbon dioxides is essential for the internal respiration of human body, however, carbon emission could lead to Asphyxiation, which could lower concentration of oxygen that could be dangerous to human health. Moreover, carbon emission could lead to the kidney damage and this health problem could lead to the disturbances of chemical equilibrium. When there is an increase or decrease in the carbon dioxide concentration, the issue could lead to a life-threatening situation. (National Research Council, 2010).

Based on the problem that eWaste could cause to human health, the goal of our venture is enhance sustainability of electronic production in order to decline the incident of carbon emission into the American environment. While the goal of our project is to enhance sustainable design and production of electronics, however, our group is still foreseeing that our venture may face some barriers during the implementation.


Effectiveness of business plan is to foresee the barriers that could occur during the implementation in order to design the strategies to address these problems. Our group is foreseeing that our venture could face some barriers during implementation and one of the barriers is the market issue. It is essential to realize that we still lack market intelligence about the overall market values of our venture. Moreover, dismantling the material is extremely complex and we still have limited knowledge of the quality recycling. The designing issue is another challenge that we will face during the implementation because some electronic devices are not designed for maintenance and disassembly. More importantly, many electronic items are not designed for redesigning and remanufacturing.

Another barrier that we may encounter is the possible lack of consensuses to reach our desired goal. It is envisaged that the group many be divided during the implementation. Major objective of our venture is to create environmental and economically sustainable business to optimize eco-efficiency and there could be a division among the group. Typically, balancing economical and environmental sustainable venture without incurring too much cost that could jeopardize our venture could be a challenge. Part of the group may be interested solely on venture that would maximize their financial gains. Other people in our group are interested in using our venture to promote sustainability of eWaste. However, our group will attempt to address these barriers by selecting a leader who would be responsible for the effectively management of our venture.

Leadership Role

Our venture will attempt to address the barriers that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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