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Sustainable Fashion Project: Textile Recycling

The world we are living in is changing dramatically. We are now longer in an environment where massive production without regard to its environmental impact cannot continue to go on any longer. All industries are going to need to adapt, and as such, new start ups have a future potential in business models using a sustainable agenda. This is where the current project comes into play: textile recycling as a way to meet the need for fashion consumer demands with reducing the overall environmental impact of the fashion industry as a whole.

Textile recycling is a process which uses older textile fabrics in recent garment production. It is a practice that is clearly growing an international following, with many countries across the globe utilizing textile recycling and vintage reselling as a way to meet the consumer demand for garments with a more sustainable business and production model. The venture promises to take unwanted textiles and recycle them into new fashionable garments that are in demand and have a vintage and eco-friendly context. The project offers a new way to help reduce the textile waste in and around New York City, which is one of the most fashion forward cities in the world. There is an extremely high demand in the city, and as such textile recycling helps meet that demand without the burden of more production of textiles. There are several direct competitors other thrift stores, like Buffalo Exchange, which have an incredibly popular following. Still, this project has the advantage of collecting recycled textiles in a more cost effective manner.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Individual Summery and Reflection Assignment

The very accessible nature of the venture model is what makes it so potentially successful. Locations do not need to be manned, as all that is needed are bins for donations in strategically located areas around New York. As the business increases, the city itself will help maintain bins for donating cloth and textiles to be recycled. This keeps costs low, but they can also be used to help generate a positive consumer reputation through a public relations campaign. The team observed that vintage and other types of recycled fashions can be marketed to several different demographics. Both lower and upper income clientele are increasing their demand for recycled clothing, as it becomes more and more of a staple for sustainable fashion and a sustainable lifestyle in general. It was interesting to see the members of the team bring their own unique knowledge of different target markets that could be included into a potential list of targets for the launch of the product.

The ethics and economics of the intended impacts of the venture have the possibility to be enormous. Textile recycling clearly offers a plausible way to help reduce the overall impact of manufacturing processes… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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