Industrial Relations Government Business Relations and Market Characteristics of China Term Paper

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Industrial Relations, Government-Business Relations, And Market Characteristics of China

The reforms that the Chinese government introduced in the last couple of decades or so has brought about a tremendous change in the Chinese economy, to the extent that a major reduction of poverty and a quick increase in income levels are experienced. From Deng Xiaoping in 1978 to the current leadership level, the Chinese have shown a firm commitment towards economic reforms and opening the Chinese economy to the outside world. (Background Note: China) Hence the business environment in China is considered to be very attractive and there are many multinational companies that have already made use of the opportunities offered and many others are venturing to enter the Chinese business market. (Understanding Eastern & Western Culture and Business Practices Legacee) in this paper we shall have an understanding of the history of labor unions and managerial practices, the relationship between the government and business - both local and multinational companies, and shall look at the market characteristics of the country.

China's practice and history of labor unions

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The review of the developments of the trade unions in China depicts retention of some independence in the initial years of the post-revolution period prior to being reformed and brought under stringent party regulations. The trade unions were repressed under Mao to the extent of being suspended in China during the Cultural Revolution prior to being included into the State administration. The trade unions were constituted into a stringent hierarchical organisation with officials recruited by higher committees and were under strict Party control at all stages. It is pertinent to highlight the fact of differentiation of the state socialist trade unions from the trade unions in a capitalist society. The degeneration of the state-socialist system eliminated the very base on which the state socialist trade unions operate their prime activities. (Post-socialist trade unions: China and Russia)

Term Paper on Industrial Relations Government Business Relations and Market Characteristics of China Assignment

At the initial stages of its movement towards a 'socialist market economy' in China, the government instituted collective bodies to depict the interests and enhanced the strength of the enterprise as a whole thereby detecting the interests of employees unambiguously with those of the employer. Reclamation of power by the Communist Party of China over the trade unions during the emergence of Tiananmen confined the scope of the Unions for contriving but at the same time it fetched them much greater power and significance. While the trade unions were not capable of securing their systematic existence, they would not have been capable of enhancing their representative capability. But the reproduction of their conventional political and managerial activities has protected the institutional… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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