Industrial Relations A2 Coursework

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Industrial Management

Industrial Relations in the United Arab Emirates

Industrial Relations is a field of critical importance in terms of understanding and refining how labor and workplace issues are defined. This has never been truer than today, when the deconstruction of global trade barriers is leading to new and unforeseen economic partnerships between developing nations and multinational corporations. These relationships require constant evaluation if we are to understand their implications for labor and management on a global scale.

Role and Function of Managers in Industrial Relations:

In a general sense, "beyond leadership skill, one must have the leadership vision to lead properly." (Reh, 2) More specifically, in the context of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there is a particular imperative for management to understand the unique idiosyncrasies of labor relations in the nation. Specifically, though the United Arab Emirates is progressive insofar as its economy is a thriving and globally integrated one, it still struggles with a host of ethnic and gender discrimination issues that are highly culturally driven. According to one source, "Indians and other expatriates in the UAE are increasingly becoming susceptible to the scourge of depression, research has shown. The prime causes are discrimination at the workplace, longer working hours, home-sickness, and the chaotic state of peak-hour traffic." (INP, 1)

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Management must take on the role of both a protector of the attendant culture and a progressive leader where such matters are concerned. It will take strong leadership through an industrial relations context to bring about greater equality in the UAE marketplace.

Managing Change Effectively:

A2 Coursework on Industrial Relations Assignment

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