Industrial Revolution in America Term Paper

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The transfer of technology that America had until 1830 lead the nation to more success in technology. Mark Thompson proved this in his Was The Nineteenth Century American Industrial Revolution Solely Dependent on the Transfer of British Technology?, stating that The ensuing transfer of technology up to 1830, was to see a one way traffic of technology from Great Britain to America. Yet after 1830, the U.S. was to become proficient in its own right in building the heavy locomotives and trucks that she used. Thus by 1839, of the four hundred and fifty locomotives in the United States, nearly three quarters had been built in America.

Influences of the Industrial Revolution in American Society

Economic growth, demand for more laborers, population growth, utilization of machineries, international trading, slavery, educational reform, and many others, were among the general effects and influences of the industrial revolution in American society.

In terms of education, the period of industrial revolution saw the need for educational improvement. The technological advances England were developing during the beginning of the industrial revolution had inspired the American society to widen more of their knowledge in science and technology to keep up with the quick pace England improves its technology and economy.

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Generally, with the advancements in technology, and the emergence of different industries, aiming for higher goals became one of the cultures of most Americans in the period of industrial revolution. They started to dream for better ways of living. This, they saw, is attainable through involvement in the different job opportunities that the industrial sector offers. Many were given the chance to reach for the same goal, in which men and women almost had equal opportunities in the workforce.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Industrial Revolution in America Countless Assignment

The American society, in general, became active participants during the industrial revolution in the discovery of technological advancements that helped the world build a convenient and quick-pace society.


Based from some historical literatures, there are several contradicting views on the effects and influences of the Industrial Revolution in American society. Questions were raised whether the period caused more negative or more positive consequences to the American society. Despite of this, however, it is no doubt that the period of the industrial revolution has brought advancements to our society in terms of technology. The period opened the economy of America, England, and every nation worldwide, with new machineries that facilitate the operation of different industries. The period became the cradle of inventions that were of great use and of great help in building the world with an improved economy.

In conclusion, the period of the industrial revolution helped in making possible every convenience that we have in our contemporary society.

The intelligence of the period's geniuses have drastically changed and transformed many aspects in our lives.


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