Term Paper: Industrialization in Europe Increased

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[. . .] Among the weapons that the native warriors were using were wooden and stone weapons as well as straw shields. The weapons that the European armies used were very powerful they had the ability to kill many people at a go. The native warriors were easily overpowered by the European armies. They destroyed their weapons easily as they were more advantaged since their weapons could destroy the weapons that the natives were using. The European armies launched the hand grenades on groups of the warriors which killed a large number of them at a single instance. The native warriors could not defend themselves efficiently against the armies as they were very strong compared to them when it came to the weapons.

Europeans had an army that was organized and well trained. On the other hand the natives merely had a self-defense force which was only mediocre. These were not well organized and they were not under good leadership. They had not been trained in any way and they merely came together so as to try and oppose the European armies. The lack of organization among the native warriors made them weak and hence they were easily defeated by the European armies (European Imperialism and Reactions, 1914).

Europeans introduced germs which the native people had not been exposed to before, particularly the small pox germ. The Europeans had been exposed to small pox over time and therefore they had built natural immunity against it. Therefore many natives died from the disease that they were exposed to. This reasons made it easy for the European armies to defeat the natives with great ease.


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