Industry and Restaurant Trends 2015 Essay

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Changing Trends in Restaurant Industry / Restaurant Trends, 2015

Trends Evaluation (Upcoming and Current) 3 Food


Nutrition 4 Equipment


New Services

New Methods for Training Employees

Impacts of these Trends

The backbone of the hospitality industry is the customer service and all segments of the industry share this concept. Restaurant industry reigns supreme in the hospitality industry. It remains the biggest element of the hospitality industry and can come in several forms like fast-food eateries, high-end restaurants, catering outfits, and several others (Reynolds, 2015). In the words of John Walker, the largest and fastest growing industry is the hospitality industry, and its main focus is on the delivery of products and services. Guest and customer impressions are always considered most critical for the restaurant industry as well (Walker, 2013).

Trend Evaluation (Upcoming and Current)


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Poutine, a Canadian import, comes in its purest form, gravy, cheese curds, chips (which are very important comfort foods). Burgers have remained in focus as well, but the most recent reinvention offers much more than just the beef and adds other ingredients such as lobster, duck, scallops, squid and pork belly. Cepelinai, is one traditional delicacy, and is said to mean zeppelin, a name that came from its shape. Another popular food includes waffles dipped in caramel sauce largely laden with sweetness and richness from eggs, some milk and a combination of delicious and colorful dried fruit (Nice, 2015). Locally sourced produce includes the first two: seafood and meats. Mediterranean and Italian are some foods that are most likely to make an impact this year (Wolf, 2015). Natural nutrients and food processed minimally are also growing in demand (NRA, 2015b).


Essay on Industry and Restaurant Trends 2015 Assignment

Foodie apps offering some incorporated loyalty programs include Level Up, Belly, Perka and Loyal Blocks. Geo-targeted ad options are offered by online advertising services, from Facebook and Twitter to Google AdWords. These app employ marketing strategies that instigate customers to celebrate success using the email newsletter and share special discount offers or talk about new menu items. Marketing strategies employed by social media has remained a force to be reckoned with in the world today. Blogs give you the chance to experiment with the personality and voice of your restaurant and keep your customers engaged. In today's internet-based business environment, the rule of the game is ease of use. Internet savvy-merchants enjoy taking advantage of most online delivery services that keep the ordering process streamlined (Marrs, 2015).


Most consumers request for low-fat and vegan food options without allergens. Food products made from wheat gluten and tofu such as lean beef breakfast options, meatless items, child-friendly foods are all trendy (NRA, 2015a).


Some of the most efficient equipments in the restaurant industry include: deep fryers that come with a cover known as FryerGate that provides a kind of barrier between the fryer cook and the hot oil; Heineken developed BrewLock for the provision of freshly-brewed beer in a format that is very easy to install. It occupies less space and does not cost as much as the full dispensing unit. It makes use of a recyclable container that depends on the usual atmospheric air to cause a contraction in the inner walls of the container, thereby forcing the beer out through the faucet. There is an automated Syncra Total Hand Hygiene System with a touch-free, soap-and-water delivery system unlike all traditional hand sinks you have ever… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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