Infants We Don't Really Know Term Paper

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In one study, researchers demonstrated that the more social a mother was with her baby, the more likely the baby was to respond to the mother by touching and by reacting positively to being held (Mogilner, 1995), so it appears that caregiver behavior is important in many ways to the young infant. I believe that an infant needs lots of interaction with a caregiver so that child can know that his or her needs will be met and so the child will have many experiences to take in. The child may not be able to display what he or she has learned when the child is two or three months old, but the behaviors we see later as the infant explores its world have to have some sort of foundation. The caregiver is a vital link for socialization, learning about its culture, and personality development (Gonzalez-Mena, 1997).


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Term Paper on Infants We Don't Really Know Assignment

Mogilner, Celly. 1995. "Maternal social and physical contact: links to early infant attachment behaviors." Journal of Genetic Psychology, December.…
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