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As a result, the purists will probably continue to use conventional photography no matter how many advantages digital photography poses. Also, conventional photographs are easier to print. Digital photographs require an expensive color photo printer, but even then, to get the best quality print out of a digital photo, one needs to send the file to a professional printer who may charge upwards of ten dollars a print. Conventional photographs may be developed in a dark room with the correct chemicals.

But the most striking advantage of conventional photography over digital photography is the sense of humanness about it. Conventional photography, as we discussed earlier, eliminates the computer's efforts to mitigate humanity. Roland Barthes, in his "Camera Lucida," discusses his attempts to find the perfect photo of his dead mother in the second part of the work, and his writing and his search are so poignant and human. We identify with Barthes and we are warmed by the fact that a man with such an imposing intellect and understanding can be brought to his sentimental knees by even the prospect that a perfect photograph exists of his mother. We could never imagine the same gut human reaction to a digital photograph. We are human, and therefore we are analog: we have no computers within us, and so to best represent humanity, computers cannot play a role.

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But that is our view today. Surely writers in previous decades claimed that they could never envision themselves creating their art on computers; the manual nature of a typewriter was the only way to convey their thoughts. And of course, even before them, writers insisted that they could never use the new-fangled typewriter because it seemed so mechanical: writing for them was dipping a pen in ink and opening up their minds to the paper. All that has changed, and perhaps our attitude towards digital photography's dehumanization will change as well. We can only wait and see.

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There is, currently, an interim medium that combines both digital and conventional photography: the scanned picture. We can take conventional photos and then scan them into zeros and ones using a quality scanner: This allows us to maintain the human element of the print in the original photo and on the negative, and also allows us to modify and share it easily on the computer format.

However, the problem with that procedure is, scanning technology has lagged behind digital photography technology. When we scan, we sacrifice quality of picture, which is one of the reasons digital photography has become so popular. Perhaps time will cure that deficit as well. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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