Influence on US Foreign Policy Essay

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¶ … U.S. Policy Making

Over the years, U.S. foreign policy has undergone a variety of changes that will vary with the times and the people inside the different political institutions. This because there is an interconnected role between the Executive Branch (the President), the Legislative Branch (Congress) and various departments involved with achieving the different foreign policy objectives. What is happening is the power of government is divided, between the different branches. With the Executive Branch responsible for enforcing various laws that are made by the Legislative Branch. The idea is to create a series of checks and balances between the different areas of government, in order to prevent one area from exerting unusual amounts of dominance over the others.

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In the area of foreign policy, this relationship becomes increasingly complicated, with President being the Commander and Chief of the military. This means that his area of responsibility would be to determine the nation's foreign policy directives. The problem is when you have one person or a select group of individuals, determining the foreign policy objectives of the nation. This can mean that a more radical approach is used. Given the fact that America is suppose to represent these ideals of freedom, means that some objectives; could run counter to such a strategy. Where, the foreign policy of the nation could be to support various regimes or governments that contradict these ideals. At the same time, you have the constant turn over in power every four to eight years, where the foreign policy of the nation can change, depending upon the political views of the President. This is problematic, because it would create a foreign policy that may run counter to the nation's fundamental principles and then there is the possibility that the foreign policy of the nation; can be vastly different from one President to the next.

TOPIC: Essay on Influence on US Foreign Policy Making Assignment

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