Influences for Dancers & Choreographers Essay

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¶ … money quote" right away. Her precise words are "it is good anthropology to think of ballet as a form of ethnic dance" (Dils & Albright, 2001). One of the main facets of Kealiinohomoku's argument is stated when she says "anthropologists mean to convey the idea that all forms of dance reflect the cultural traditions within which they developed" (Dils & Albright, 2001, p. 33). There are multiple facets and layers to these cultural manifestations and trends including terms like ethnologic, primitive and folk dance. Even so, the author asserts that there is far from a consensus when it comes to ballet as an ethnic form of dance as many Western-oriented anthropologists insist that ballet is not necessarily or always ethnic. To buttress her point, she asserts that "African Dance" does not exist as it assumes that all African dance derives from the same culture and beliefs. This is simply not true as there is Hausa dancers, Dahomean dancers and so forth. Much the same delineation occurs within the Indian cultures of the word as Hopis and Iroquois, just to name two, are going to be different even though they are both Indians (Dils & Albright, 2001).

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As far as what an "ethnic dance form" would be, that would be a form of dance that is influenced in whole or in part by the ethnicity, culture and history of the person who is doing the dancing and/or that created the routine for someone else to do. What the author is not a fan of is when people use terms that are too generic or vague such as "folk dancing." Indeed, she states "folk dance is sort of a catch-all term" (Dils & Albright, p. 39). The typical "tiny" body forms of the ballet dancers, as mentioned on page 40, is yet another examples (Dils & Albright, 2001).

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TOPIC: Essay on Influences for Dancers & Choreographers Assignment

As for how these different cultures end up with different trends and forms of dance, this is not hard to see earlier and the author of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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