Influx of Money Impact Hospitality Thesis

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These South American countries expect an influx of visitors from all corners of the world, which is likely to revitalize and rejuvenate the diminishing fortunes of their hospitality sectors and economic development in general (Jones 2012). In particular, Brazil expects an overwhelming number of visitors from participating and non-participating nations across the globe, which inherently means an influx of money. Apparently, footballers, sports personalities, world leaders, football fans and fanatics, and tourists shall converge at various football stadia to watch the game (Jones 2012). The month-long event would attract services of hospitality sector as hotels and restaurants across the country and beyond. The host is expecting around 600, 000 visitors for the June 12 to 13 July 2014 event with many accommodation facilities already experiencing increase in demand for the period.

2. Purpose of the Study

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The study examines how an influx of money resulting from the 2014 FIFA World Cup scheduled to take place in Brazil could affect the country's hospitalization sector. Of special interest are positive benefits the sector is likely to accomplish courtesy of the world tournament (Maennig & Zimbalist 2012). The study would also want to establish the negative aspects that would arise due to the event particularly with regard to number of tourists visiting the South American nation. Incidentally, the process of booking of the accommodation facilities has begun in earnest meaning an influx of money is unsurprising (Maennig & Zimbalist 2012). The increased demand for accommodations for the event period clearly illustrates the reality that the sports event is a blessing to hotel industry. The government has a vital role of maintaining safety of the huge number of visitors expected to make their way into Brazil early enough in preparation to watch the sport live on selected stadia across twelve cities. Apart from the hotel industry, the transport sector is likely to record significant returns just before, during, and after the world sport event (Maennig & Zimbalist 2012).

3. Rationale

TOPIC: Dissertation or Thesis complete on Influx of Money Impact Hospitality Assignment

The tournament brings together people from different parts of the world with the main agenda of watching their countries or favorite teams participate and probably win the world's most coveted trophy. Those who do not find the opportunity to attend physically might watch it on local television channels (Ritchie 2004). The study takes into account a range of logistical challenges and transport setbacks that could hamper the visitors' movement across towns and cities in the country. Visitors of the soccer World Cup have to hurry in some venues. As the world prepares to converge in Brazil, efficiency and effectiveness of the transport sector would be fundamental for the success of the event. As a means of reciprocating for expected influx of visitors, the government through its transport ministry should begin to streamline the struggling industry in earnest (Ritchie 2004). Similarly, the Ministry of Tourism has a key role to ensure all tourists get the best out of the accommodations among other hotel services. Such measures would greatly affect the future prospects of hospitality since becoming one of the most vibrant sectors in Brazil and South American continent in general. The political, economic, social, and environmental factors play a critical role in shaping hospitality industry (Ritchie 2004).

The state has collaborated with the private sector as well as foreign investors in the hotel industry in coordinating various activities towards realization of the set goals. The influx of money into Brazilian economy provides adequate returns to the country struggling to improve its transport sector (Lee 2012). Brazil is stable politically and has a legitimate government under stewardship of Lula Da Silva. The state's willingness to provide financial support to the hotel industry is a boost to an industry at the centre of attention during the month-long event. Investments at the airports are currently overwhelming with Sao Paulo receiving jus a third Terminal. The country continues to build new terminals and renovating old ones. A new terminal shall replace an old terminal located in Campinas, about 90 kilometers from Sao Paulo (Lee 2012. According to Marcelo Pedroso (the Brazilian Tourist Board Embratur), visitors have fully booked all accommodations in Rio de Janeiro. The trend is likely to continue in other towns and cities. The growth of hospitality characterized by building of new hotels and renovating existing ones will further heighten the fortunes of the industry as it projects more returns during the Summer Olympics slated for 2016 in Rio de Janeiro (Lee 2012).

4. Research Questions

1. How has the hospitality industry affected the economy of Brazil?

a. The solution to the question would be achievable by tracing the origin of the sector and determining how 5.2 million tourists annually.

2. What initiatives has the government put in place to support the hospitality sector in readiness for the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

a. The answer to could be achievable through examining the government investment initiatives in corporation with the private sector in the hotel industry; Security provision would be another important tool towards ensuring success of the event.

3. What type of planning should the industry and state adopt to attract more visitors?

a. Planning should start from community level since visitors would interact with inhabitants in the neighborhoods. Planning would further apply to urban areas (towns and cities) and to the hotel industry.

4. How is the private sector involved in the whole initiative?

a. The public sector must work closely with the private sector to ensure realization of the overall plan of building and renovating hotels and other accommodation facilities.

5. How does the influx of money affect the infrastructural developments of hotel industry?

a. It would be interesting to see how the industry utilizes the huge amounts of cash flowing into the economy courtesy of the world event scheduled to kick off in just over one year.

6. In which ways does the influx of new money affect the future prospects of hospitality industry?

a. The solution would depend on whether influx of money builds industry's reputation and fame in readiness for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

5. The Proposed Methodology

A number of research methodologies would be applicable in the dissertation. Primary and secondary research methodologies are all pertinent for the study. Questionnaires, interviews, and observations are all methodologies that researchers can use to appraise effects of the influx of money ahead of the World Cup in Brazil. Of exceptional interest is the secondary methodology where researchers could employ while seeking to trace the impacts of money on the industry through examining business articles and journals that explains the economic and social implications of the influx especially to the hospitality sector.

The instruments used in the research include semi-structured interview and questionnaires. Researchers shall submit them to the management and employees in the Ministry of Tourism, stakeholders in transport sector, and investors in hotel business (Lee 2012). Researchers shall conduct Interviews few months before the event kicks off. Participation by local communities and residents in towns and cities across Brazil shall be vital. Visitors are likely to interact with the inhabitants at the stadia, in social places, and public space. Various challenges would arise as local communities, state agencies, and key players in the industry tend to give information for their own protection and security (Lee 2012). The major delimitation of the study will be to estimating the potential of the industry to accommodate all visitors whose number is likely to exceed 600, 000 people. Precisely, the dissertation proposal's methodology entails the strategies for collecting data, instrumentation, sample / data collection, type of data analysis (statistical or qualitative), and limitations (potential weaknesses) as well as delimitations of the study (Lee 2012).

6. Action Plan

The action plan describes all the activities that the entire research process seeks to achieve and the respective set deadlines.

1. Activity: Literature Review Completed

Deadline Date:

2. Activity: Data Collection Completed

Deadline Date:

3. Activity: Analysis of Data Completed

Deadline Date:

4. Activity: First Complete Data to Front-Line Tutor

Deadline Date:

5. Activity: Revisions Completed

Deadline Date:

6. Activity: Final Submissions Completed

Deadline Date:

7. References

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