Term Paper: Informal Poem Exercise

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¶ … Flames of my Father

The object that I have in mind burns brightly when you light it, emits a warm and comforting glow, can be colorful, is traditionally designed as slim, can possibly give off a pleasant scent when lit (aromatherapy). It is multi-faceted with different layers, and has a flame.

I wanted to compare a candle with my father, because I cannot think of any other person who resembles a candle (figuratively speaking, of course). Like a candle, every time my father enters a room, he lights it up by being an incredibly kind, decent, and social person who is not afraid to talk to anyone, not even total strangers. His warm-hearted personality he inherited from his mother, my paternal grandmother. Candles are traditionally slim, and my father happens to be a naturally slim person (it runs on his side of the family). My father has many layers like a candle, but can also be rather predictable day-to-day. Most… [END OF PREVIEW]

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