Information System for the Chicago Police Department Essay

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¶ … information system employed by the Chicago Police Department. It examines a large number of technologies that the Chicago Police Department implements. This study assesses and analyzes the information technology needs of the Chicago Police Department. It explores a recommendation for the Chicago Police Department to grow and meet new information system requirements.

Needs Assessment & Analysis

The Chicago Police Department (CPD) employs a large number of technologies. According to CPD (2007), the CPD "is recognized as an international leader for its use of technology." The CPD (2007) reported, "Today [2007]the Citizen and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting suite of applications (CLEAR), remains the largest transaction police database in the nation."

The Chicago Police Department Information Services Division release a 2007 Technology Update to describe its the information systems and applications employed by the police department. Some of these information technologies, referred to as the 2007 Technology Bundle hereafter, included the following: Advanced License Plate Readers (ALPRs), Automated Incident Reporting Applications (AIRA), Blackberry Devices, CLEAR-Tip, CLEAR-Map, Crime Scene Reporting, District Intelligence Bulletin System (DIBS), Enhanced Name Check, in-Car Cameras and Video. The CPD (2007) describes each of these technologies.

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• ALPRs represent " a new server software application [that allows] the mapping and tracking of read plates through the Department intranet (CPD, 2007)." The ALPR assisted officers "in recovering more than 658 stolen vehicles and making 292 arrests [within nine months]."

• the AIRA allows "all data entered by an officer [to go] directly to the Automated Arrest Database."

• "The new Blackberry devices allow enhanced capability for (I-CLEAR) searches [and] advanced mug shot look-ups."

Essay on Information System for the Chicago Police Department Assignment

• "The CLEARTip application records and shares crime information tips" the application "saves Detectives from having to sort through paper work while trying to correct information."

• "CLEAR-Map integrates alerts into a comprehensive new public crime mapping tool that also provides the ability to search for crimes and crime alerts by address, beat, park, and save community area."

• "The Crime Scene Reporting application automates paper crime scene reports for the Chicago Police Forensic Services Division."

• "The District Intelligence Bulletins System (DIBS) is a web-based application that utilizes various data sources to provide an enforcement road map, including District-based intelligence that assists in enforcement citation."

• "The Enhanced Name Check system goes beyond standard have check features and provide an automated search for: Arrests, Warrants-both Adult and Juvenile, Investigative Alerts, Sex Offender Database entry and Missing Persons."

• in 2007, the Department planned to "install in-car cameras into an additional 280 squad cars, at a cost of $2.2 million."

B. Needs

The CPD has the following needs.

• Current technologies, deployed by the CPD assert a high level of effectiveness. Expect the CPD to maintain and continue to enhance the 2007 Technology Bundle.

• Expect an increase in the availability of hardware devices. For example the Santa Barbara Police Department, "utilizes 150 desktop PCs, 6 notebooks, 47 mobile data computers, 16 handheld parking computers, 32 laser printers, and a myriad of other peripheral equipment that includes scanners, cameras, plotters, and printers (the City of Santa Barbara, 2013)." To ensure the CPD personnel utilizes newly… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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