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These challenges include distance, culture, and resources.

There is also increase in the number of hours through which business entities and consumers interact in the market because of integration of information systems and technological management in the modern society. It is ideal to note that e-commerce focuses on utilizing the increased hours of executing the needs and preferences of the consumers and business entities. This is essential in the development of a competitive advantage over the players in the market and industry of operation. E-commerce has the ability to increase the volume of production, manufacturing, distribution, and consumption by the consumers through integration of information systems for the purposes of effectiveness and efficiency. Increase in the number of hours of operation and efficiency in the distribution translate to doorstep delivery of the products and services with the aim of satisfying the needs and objectives of the consumers. Consumers have an opportunity to enjoy increased market size and coverage to satisfy their needs and preferences while avoiding the cumbersome queues especially during holidays. Consumers have the ability to shop for the products and services of need at the comfort of their homes because of the integration of the information systems to the development of the concept of e-commerce and globalization. This has been vital in the creation of ideal relationship and reputation within the market and industry of operation.

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Information systems have also been essential in the generation of job opportunities in relation to the rapid development of the concept of e-commerce. This is vital in reducing the case of unemployment in the developing nations thus transformation of the global economy. Increase in the employment opportunities has been critical in increasing the revenues to the authorities as well as integration information systems to improve the living conditions of the citizens across the globe.


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E-commerce is one of the advancements in the field of technology with the aim of offering adequate market coverage for satisfying the needs and preferences of the consumers. Information systems have played vital roles in enhancing the performance of the e-commerce in the global field as well as local entities. This has led to the increase in the volume of production and consumption because of the reduced challenges such as culture barriers and geographical distance. Information systems have also enhanced communication between entities and persons in the global market. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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