Information Systems and Technology Research Paper

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" (The Globalist, 2010) Leading the world in energy production in 2005 was Germany with total installed photovoltaic capacity of 17.32 watts per capital." (The Globalist, 2010) Coming in second was Japan with 11.13 watts per person followed by Switzerland (3.66), the Netherlands (3.12), Australia (2.97) and Austria (2.93). (The Globalist, 2010) It is reported that China "claims 30 million solar households -- or nearly 60% of the solar capacity installed in the world. (The Globalist, 2010) It is reported that the hurdles that the solar industry faces in its expansion is specifically due to a "chronic shortage of silicon -- the basic material used to convert the sun's rays into electricity." (The Globalist, 2010)

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Rapier (2010) writes in the work entitled "Cleantech, Globalization and Energy Independence" that many private investors and financial institutions "are betting on who will win the green race, but contrary to how our national leaders and media outlets make things appear, they are not wagering on countries…"It is necessary that one "…recognize that companies win in the market place, not nations or their people; (2) accept that despite a local company's best efforts to develop its own technology, it must integrate core technology and components into its final product from diverse foreign partners due to the cutting-edge complexity of green energy; (3) See that this systems integration-requirement spawns transnational partnerships and joint-ventures (JV), which reduces national borders and accelerates global financial and production-network integration; and (4) Awaken to a reality where global economic connectedness binds economies into one unit, thus creating a single common energy security fate for every country regardless of their national energy mix: making self-reliance impossible without returning to the stone age. (Rapier, 2010)


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Information Systems and Technology Involved Assignment

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