Information Technology's Effect on Society Essay

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For example, with regard to transportation, the modernization of our railway transport systems means that people can move from one place to another faster than before.

Third, it is also important to note that technology has made it possible for us to enjoy a level of convenience and comfort that only a few of us would have imagined two or three decades ago. For instance, thanks to technology, we can now use the more convenient microwave to warm our food, the more efficient washing machine to wash our clothes, and the more expedient vacuum cleaner to help in house cleaning. Advanced entertainment systems including but not limited to Plasma and 3D television sets have also taken our entertainment a notch higher. Clearly, this is a new level of convenience and comfort that has been accorded to us by technology. For many of us, life today is more enjoyable and convenient than it was several decades ago.

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Lastly, technology has also made communication and interaction amongst people a lot easier. A few decades ago, people primarily communicated with each other through letters and landline telephones that were prone to constant interruptions as a result of various environmental elements. Today, thanks to technology, we have cellular communication. Unlike conventional/landline telephones, cellular phones have made communication more convenient. Further, social networking (as we know it) has been made possible by advancements in technology. As Zhao, Lin, and Liu (2011) point out, the number of people using the internet to not only share information but to also further enhance their social circles has been on the increase in recent times. This in my view is of benefit to the entire society as individuals now have the ability to interact with each another regardless of their geographical location.


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Essay on Information Technology's Effect on Society Assignment

Zhao, V., Lin, S. & Liu, R. (2011). Behavior Dynamics in Media-Sharing Social Networks.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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