Information Technology Holds Great Promise Term Paper

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[. . .] Some citizens may also have file-sharing software which may prove fatal if vital information is shared. This happens when one allows a file-sharing software access to the hard drive, thus sharing almost everything that is stored including tax returns files that easily attract a fraudster's attention. The citizens must therefore be advised appropriately on the dangerous of using such file sharing systems in conjunction with the tax return software.

The other problem includes downloads from file sharing sites which may be infected with malware, viruses, or even file names that may look harmless. Such malicious software will activate in ones computer, potentially starting to log every keystroke. These key-loggers would filter will filter all the crucial information to a second party who will then work for his own good.

It is therefore important to keep safe while filing taxes from your PC by ensuring you have a running firewall, plus an up-to-date anti-spyware and anti-virus. It is also important not to file taxes with a file-sharing program unless you are sure of having limited access to your hard drive and no malicious software running. This will secure all information in your computer.

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Reputation dearly counts. If you plan to file online or hire a tax preparer, it is very important to work with a reputable company. Check for necessary information about the company i.e. By logging into the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints filed. Preparers who may have temporary premises must at all costs be avoided. Ask for their security policies and compare with your specifications. The online service or tax preparer should encrypt electronic transmissions and be able to explain how safe data is kept when stored.

Term Paper on Information Technology Holds Great Promise Assignment

Paying keen attention and continuous scrutiny of your documents may prove very rewarding since it is the best thing to preventing identity theft and uncovering it quickly. This ensures early steps of minimizing the damage. If the internal revenue service (IRS) communicates that your refund has already been delivered or you have underreported earnings, that may mean your identity has been stolen and being used by someone else. It is therefore advisable to be in the habit of checking your accounts regularly.

Tax experts have always encouraged taxpayers to ignore tax-related e-mail messages and phone calls. Scammers have always used such calls and e-mails to lure taxpayers into divulging sensitive data. They purport to be tax-prep services and are good enough to solicit all private information one has that is related to the individual's tax returns. It is therefore important to type the address into your computer rather than clicking on any link. IRS also never contact by phone or e-mail.

Always be wary when using wireless networks. It is advised not to send sensitive data over a wireless connection, unless you are positive that it is encrypted and there is also a running firewall protecting your computer. Without these, hackers may easily get access to your computer through the unsecured network. The internet based interface must also be equipped with the appropriate encryption technology such as the use of private keys and 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

The third problem that must be address is the issue of language barrier. Due to the fact that some of the citizens may not be native English speakers, it is appropriate to design the software in an easy to understand common language framework and in the other various other major spoken languages such as Maltese.

The fourth problem that the software design firm is must address is the problem of poor knowledge of software use. Apart from the fact that most homes could be having computers with internet connectivity in Europe, the number of citizens who may be not be having the knowledge on how to use the software must be sensitized and taught on how to use it. This is also important in order to avoid cases of phising that is continuously being orchestrated by cyber criminals whose intension is to unlawfully steal personal information.

The fifth risk regards terrorism attack and sabotage. The contemporary situation of world security calls for very strong measures aimed at protecting government interests such as Data Centers. There is need for the various Data Centers that are located across various regions to be protected through the installation of proper security measures like armed guards and bomb proof installations.

The sixth risk that must be addressed by the software design firm is sabotage. The software design firm must have the capacity to adequately address the possibility of the tax return software being sabotaged by both internal and external persons. An example of internal sabotage of the tax return files by either disgruntled current and former employees. This is usually achieved through the use of either legally or illegally acquired system login credentials. In order to avoid the risks associated with loophole, the software design firm must address the issues of system credential and the protection of the mission critical data through the use of the appropriate data backup plans (Dibattista, 1997). All with the intention of minimizing exposure.

The seventh risk that must be addressed by the software design firm is the effects of total system outage. In case of a total system failure, the software development firm must provide an appropriate back up plan to ensure that the data is not lost completely from the data centers. Apart from the backup plan, the company must ensure that it provides mechanism of ensuring that the system has an alternative means of operation. This can be either through the provision of alternative software which can replicate all the key functions of the main software or through the setup of specific pick-up and drop-off point for the tax forms.

The eighth risk that must be addressed is the issue of litigation in the event of a data loss or information breach. This can result in a series of legal actions against the company and the government. The role of the legal wing can also be to handle legal issues regarding the intellectual property of the technology on which the system runs. The issues of safe usage of the technology employed are also very important.

The ninth risk that must be addressed involve the issue of system uptime. The system integrity must be maintained at its peak. That means that the system availability must be optimum. The process of ensuring this risk is eliminated involve the use of very reliable in the process of ensuring is reliable and available all the time. The measure includes the installation of top notch equipment at the data centers and the provision of constant power to the data centers.

The tenth risk that must be addressed is the issue of insurance of the entire system against losses caused by fire, theft and vandalism. This can be eliminated through appropriate insurance of the entire establishment with a reputable insurance firm.

Risk is obviously an eminent part of every business and data centers and software are no exceptions. In general, the expression risk generally refers to the potential threats and dangers that can cause harm and loss to a setup facility. The facility could house critical functions such as data centers must be operational at all times. This is important because of the importance of maintaining the element of information availability. The overall goal is therefore to evaluate, plan and perform the overall risk assessment in order to identify the possible obstacles that might exist. The recommended solutions are then put in place so as to maintain a system that is both redundant and tolerant to faults. It is therefore necessary to perform a thorough identification of all the critical deficiencies, the points of all single point failures and the various load conditions. It is also paramount to conduct a thorough review of the entire site hardness against any form of physical risks and all the possible causes of downtime. The role of the assessment is to come up with all the recommendations that would fill all the deficiencies.

The risk assessment must also take care of all the security risks that may be involved.The security risks are divided into two categories. The first category is the information risk and the second is the information risk. Both risks are equally great so maximum assessment and preparedness must be put in place.

Another very important factor to consider is the fact that there could be other not direct but political factors such as emergence of terrorism or other national security threats that can affect the various points where the data centers are located. This threat is however eminent in the developing nations as opposed to the much developed European nations. The global economy is also an important factor to consider when designing the system. The system must also be able to take care of the technological risks that are associated with the use of technology that renders the available infrastructure to be… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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