Information Technology a Home Network Essay

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Information Technology

A home network is a local area network or LAN that is set up at home. A network is the interconnection of hardware and devices for sharing data and information electronically. A home network can be used among family members for simple mobile computing, entertainment and recreation, and more usefully, for doing simultaneous computing work that have varying degrees of complexity. Five components that would be connected to a network would be the personal computer or laptop; paraphernalia, gadgets and other mobile devices that can be connected with the computer or laptop; a wired or wireless modem that allows for Internet access for multiple users; a router to enable multiple access to the Internet service; and when necessary, a server to efficiently address data transmission and storage requirements of the home network. One of the security issues that would highly likely occur in a home network has to do with its wireless Internet service. WiFi services tend to be unstable and unreliable especially in specific kinds of weather, in addition to the challenge of ensuring that the service is exclusive only to the home network and will not be hacked or accessed by users outside of the home network. In terms of exclusive access to the wireless Internet service, the best option would be to include passcodes/passwords in all access points to the Internet service and even the home network's hardware and other connected devices.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Information Technology a Home Network Is a Assignment

2. People's personal and online privacy can be threatened and how the threat can be mitigated through the following: (a) Swiping of magnetic cards such as credit cards and personal IDs. Devices were used to "copy" or replicate information swiped electromagnetically, making the individual susceptible to identity theft. This can be mitigated by ensuring that credit cards are used in credible stores or establishments, in addition to remaining vigilant about business/purchase transactions made everyday; (b) Accessing social networking sites and providing personal information to gain access to specific games and/or applications. User privacy is at stake whenever personal information is freely given just to gain access to games and applications. As with credit card use, lessen the frequency of usage of online games and applications or be more discriminating with the kind of applications and games subscribed to, to limit the probability of being victimized by insecure and high security risk web sites and pages; and (c) Online scammers and fraudsters who have the computer programming skills and technology to hack and use personal information of online users through their email accounts. Users are thus encouraged to use difficult passwords so that the 'detection rate' would be lower when hackers and/or scammers try to access personal information through these e-mail accounts.

3. The five basic computer operations are: input, output, storage, processing, and controlling. Input is the encoding or entering of data and devices into the computer, to be processed or converted to computing units within. Examples of input operations are typing into a keyboard and clicking on a button or field using a mouse for data/information selection. Output is the conversion of processed data or information into formats preferred or acceptable to the user. Examples are printing of a document or performance of a device or gadget connected to the computer electronically. Storage is when data that are encoded and will be transmitted or converted to acceptable formats are temporarily (or in some cases, permanently) stored. Examples are saving files in the computer's memory or storage of music and videos in an external device such as an external drive or an iPod. Processing… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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