Information Technology (IT) Integration and Improving Nursing Care Essay

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Due to the immense complexity and interconnected nature of a major nursing care facility like Pleasant Manor, "data is constantly changing based on information from doctors, nurses, patients and others" (Freudenheim, 2012). The electronic medical records provided by Epic Systems seek to streamline the operations of each of these users, by enabling them immediate access to diagnostic data, patient histories, and concurrent cases. It has been clearly established throughout decades of electronic medical recordkeeping implementation that "computerized record systems can actively search for and analyze information in ways that paper files never can, thereby improving patients' health" (Freudenheim, 2012). Under the new system, nurses, specialists and other health care professionals working at Pleasant Manor will be responsible for recording accurate charts on all patients, and those with chart discrepancies will ultimately be reprimanded or suspended. The reconciliation of all medical prescriptions, measurement of dosages, and the tracking of test results will also be standardized and recorded for use by physicians during time-sensitive cases involving imminent risk to the patient. In the same spirit of cooperation, the nursing staff of Pleasant Manor will now be capable of checking for medicine reconciliation on the fly, with the ability to immediately notify doctors in the event a mistaken dosage or diagnoses occurs. Administrators will also employ the Epic software to more efficiently schedule and assign their support staff, and to monitor medical operations for wasteful spending, theft, or other budgetary concerns.

TOPIC: Essay on Information Technology (IT) Integration and Improving Nursing Care Assignment

Based upon the extremely successful history of Epic Systems within the overall medical record digitization industry, with more than 120 million patients currently covered by their active electronic health records, it is reasonable to expect that Pleasant Manor will experience a similarly positive return on their substantial investment. A recent article published by U.S. News reported that "Sentara Healthcare, which has 11 hospitals in Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina, has spent or budgeted $237 million to install and operate an Epic Systems Corp. EHR over 10 years, starting in late 2005 & #8230; (with) two-thirds of that is going to operations, not capital expenditures," (Versel, 2013). The dominance of Epic Systems within their field is well documented, and in the words of Dr. John D. Halamka, chief information officer of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, "the Epic software system is a de facto standard among the more complex academic health centers and multispecialty medical groups" (Freudenheim, 2012). Pleasant Manor and its network of residents and their families throughout Vero Beach will undoubtedly derive substantial benefits from this union with Epic Systems.


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