Information Technology (IT) Issues in E-Business Research Paper

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role of information assurance on improving trust and efficiency in e-Business.

IT issues in E -Business

The field of Information technology has affected the way business is conducted across the whole world. There are however certain issue that affect this mode of conducting business and transactions. Fears of data loss and information security do dominate the field. In this paper we present the key issues that affect E-business in order to come up with a clear cut recommendation on how to tackle these issues. There are various issues affecting the effectiveness of e-business. The main issues that are detrimental to the success of various e-business strategies are explored and emphasis put on means of improving the effectiveness of various e-business platforms. The paper concludes with a recommendation and future works as well as a summary of the project deliverables.


Subject: The role of information assurance on improving trust and efficiency in e-business.

My research proposal is formulated to investigate the methods of improving the efficiency of various e-business strategies. This is with the intention of driving up sales and efficiency so as to enable a particulate business to have a higher Return on Investment and a better global presence

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Proposed Research Topic: This paper investigates the various issues that affect the proper execution of various e-business strategies with a focus on the Information technology related issues. Our focus is however on the methods of securing data being exchanged on the e-business infrastructure so as to achieve a better degree of data integrity.

Research Paper on Information Technology (IT) Issues in E-Business Assignment

Summary: The paper utilizes a variety of techniques in order to expose the key issues that dominate the field of e-business. The main intention is to identify the point of weakness in the various techniques used in executing the various e-business strategies. The main focus is however on the way information assurance can be effectively implemented on the various e-business platforms while coming up with a perfect mix to aid in the achievement of improved e-business platforms. Our analysis is however concentrated on the issues of Information Technology with little regards to issues of management and such like parameters.

Purposes: The purpose of the research proposal is to identify the main issues that affect e-business in the domain of Information technology. The identified issue which in this case is Information assurance is then investigated in order to come up with improved e-business models and platforms that would elicit consumer trust while providing protection to the organization's crucial data simultaneously.

Definition of terms:


This is the use of Information technology techniques in supporting of various key operations of a business. The main activities that it affects are used in commerce which entails the exchange of various goods and services between various businesses, special groups as well as individuals, it can however be viewed as one of the main activities of various businesses.

Information technology

This is a field which entails the studying, designing, developing, implementing, supporting as well as the managing of various information technology infrastructures in order to come up with effective methods of disseminating information.

Information Assurance

This involves the practice of performing proper management to various risks that are related to the way information is effectively utilized, processed, stored as well as transmitted efficiently. It involves the field of information security as well as computer securit


E-business is times referred to as electronic business and means as the utilization of elements of information technology in providing various forms of support of all the major activities of a particular organization. The techniques utilized in the electronic business enables various firms in the process of linking up both of their internal and external facilities for processing data in an deliberate attempt to improve the organization's efficiency and flexibility. The end result is the ability of the firm to operate hand in hand with their numerous suppliers, business partners as well as employees in order to achieve a high level of satisfaction in terms of the needs and demands of both the firm and its clientele. The idea of e-commerce has already resulted in enormous changes in business corporations, their market bases as well as general customer behaviour ( Laudon and Traver, 2007).

In many cases there are individuals who confuse the dynamic of e-commerce with those of e-business. It is therefore important to point them out categorically so as to ensure that our problem statement is effectively outlines and even stated. The first point to note is that the concept of e-business comprises of more intricate details as compared to e-commerce. In fact their basic definitions clearly illustrate their main differences. The major point to bring out the disparity is the fact that e-business refers to a concept that has its focus strategically pointed towards the firms that make use of electronic methods of information technology in enhancing its key functions and capabilities-commerce on the other hand is more focussed towards the enhancement of business processes that are involved with the electronic purchases of various goods and services in the entire process of value chain management as well as supply chain management

The process of implementing the various e-business strategies involves the use of various safe standards of encryption so as to ensure that there is a high level of assurance regarding the integrity and content of the sensitive information that is being exchanged between the corporation in question and its various branches as well as its headquarters. The process of adopting the various e-business strategies in the end should allow for a perfect integration of all the intra and extra-corporation processes geared towards the enhancement of the various business activities within the firm. The role of information technology is crucial in the entire process of e-business as it is the backbone upon which e-business rides. Various information technology protocols are used in order to achieve the concept of e-businessman example is the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) which is the major protocol used in the various types of intranet and internet communication facilitation ( Laudon and Traver, 2007).

Project Question

The main project questions revolve around the role played by information technology in increasing both the level of trust and efficiency of the various e-business strategies through an institution of appropriated information assurance policies.

Question 1:Does improved information assurance policies and initiatives leads to a more efficient e-business platform?

Question 2: Does improved information assurance policies and initiatives lead to better trust between the users of thee-business systems

Question 2: Does improved information assurance policies and initiatives lead more Return on Investment (ROI)?

The existing e-commerce security models

There are various security models that have been developed with the intention of providing an efficient and secure online e-business environment. The main one is the one that relies on the Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS); this has widely been adopted by banks as their default internet banking standard so as to provide both trust and security need in the various transactions that do take place in their various e-business operations (). There are unverified claims however that various Certification Authorities who supply the SLL Certificates such as Thawte Consulting (Proprietary) Limited on various firm's web servers can securely collect client's sensitive details in an online environment and in the process win the trust of the customer and as a result lead to increased revenue collected as a result of the increased confidence level among the customers. This is because the customers develop the required confidence in the fact that both their credentials and that transaction as well are safely being executed

The existing e-business security models are however vulnerable to reduced level of trust and security. This is partly as a result of local attacks to the system which arises whenever an intruder installs a malicious software codes on the client computers. There are also cases of remote attacks to the computer system in the form of phishing and pharming.The main intention of this kind of attacks is to steal the credentials of the clients as well as the SLL user sessions for the purpose of carrying on further attacks. There are however certain more serious cases of attacks which results as a result of the attacker amalgamating both types of attacks into one major one involving the use of already acquired credentials and user sessions to carry out more damage to the e-business infrastructure.

One cannot avoid noticing the analogy that can be drawn from the structure of the e-business with the normal business environment in the real and tangible world of commerce. The various products and services that are transacted are represented digitally in the form of transactional data. The various suppliers, customers and vendors all connect to the e-business portal via an intranet or internet link as opposed to meeting face-to-face. There is therefore a systematic movement of inventory between the various parties and their houses of fulfilment. The revenue being generated also follows an exact same rhythm of digital flow from the many stores up to the various financial networks (banks)… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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