Information Technology Management Case Study

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Obviously, regular meetings at various levels could have identified this major problem at some point long before the failure of the Orbiter by crashing into its destination planet. Regular meetings are especially important involving joint projects with various components of the project being completed by entirely different units. The same principle holds true even in situations involving only two members of the same team performing work that is interdependent to any degree.

3. Why is it important to celebrate the small but important successes?

That probably depends substantially on the person (or people) involved. Generally, working in a team environment produces various forms of interpersonal stress that cannot be allowed to interfere with the team's mission. However, that does not necessarily mean that those stressful incidents or patterns or interpersonal relationships cannot undermine team unity and efficiency in the future. In that respect, celebrating small successes allows members of the team to interact without overriding concerns about project schedules. The opportunity of sharing positive experiences allows individuals and teams to decompress psychologically and to contribute in a positive way toward interpersonal relations within the team. Ideally, team members could use small but important successes to express mutual appreciation and maybe to establish mechanisms to promote optimal communication in the future.

Reference (1999). "Metric mishap caused loss of NASA orbiter." (September 30, 1999)

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Case Study on Information Technology Management Case Study Assignment
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