Information Technology (IT) Risk Assessment Term Paper

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Ford Motor Company Risk Assessment

Given the highly confidential nature of the content management, pricing, product, service, and distribution data delivered to Ford Motor Company locations and the applications for order status, online ordering, and quoting being central to the structure of the company, there are many business and security risks of propagating these tools to their dealers. This is exacerbated by the fact that today Ford Motor Company is actively trimming its dealer network and there are major risks associated with firing dealers while critical company information is ion the dealerships.

Security risks, internal risks of embezzlement and fraud, risks of valuable pricing and volume data being comprised, and the risks of a natural disaster all must specifically be planned for in any risk assessment. First with security risks the impact could be in the range of between $20M to $100M per dealer being fired, as this is the typical dealer backlog in each region. Coupling this with the risks of embezzled and misdirected funds due to lower morale, and the costs could easily go into the hundreds of millions of dollars. The risks of firing dealers and have them sell their pipelines to competing dealers or take the pipeline and redirect them to new car models is significant.

Take just fleet sales for example. This could be a major risk of redirected sales pipelines and "sold" pipeline lines to other dealers that for a large dealer in a major metro market say for example Los Angeles, could amount to over 50,000 vehicles a year.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Term Paper on Information Technology (IT) Risk Assessment Assignment

Next the issue of pricing confidentiality and the risks of exposure specifically in this area are massive to Ford Motor Company. As it stands today the company has cash and incentives that total over $3,000 per car, and the intricacies and competitive strengths of these incentives are critical to the competitive strength of the company going forward. If any dealer comprised the plans of these cash and incentive offers to a competitor, Ford Motor Company would continue to struggle even more to gain the necessary sales to fund future development. The competitive risk of cash and incentives being known by a dominant competitor are in the hundreds of millions of dollars and to alleviate this risk there needs to be compliance measures put into place immediately before Ford decides which dealers to let go. The implications of how Ford handles special pricing requests also need particular attention as well, as the expediting of pricing exceptions on fleet vehicles is another competitive advantage. Columbus (2003) states that of all pricing workflows, the highest ROIs are possible when the special pricing request workflows are automated and taken… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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