Informed Consent in Patient Experiments Essay

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Health care professionals should never rely on a family member or other non-professional to translate an important topic such as surgical treatment to a patient because they never know if the family member is actually understanding the seriousness of what is being discussed. In this case, the family member completely misunderstood the nature of the issue and thus led the patient into believing surgery was for one thing when it was actually for something else.

Healthcare Ethics and Patient Perspectives: Importance of Participant Rights and Informed Consent in Research Study Experiments

The situation was handled poorly because the health care professionals should have sought out a translator before engaging in the operation. Their callousness displayed a lack of respect to the Hispanic patient and showed that they were not willing to be put out of their way to find a professional translator to assist them in overcoming the language gap. Ethically speaking, the health care providers were bound by the rules and principles of their profession to make sure the patient was informed about the nature of the illness and the surgery that was required. Her surprise at waking up from surgery with no ovaries demonstrated that the health care professionals had mishandled their duty towards the patient.

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Alternative action that should have been conducted would be for the health care providers to engage the services of a professional translator in order to communicate to the patient the exact nature of the problem, allow her to ask questions back, and thereby fully inform the patient of treatment options. Cultural competency depends upon patient-provider communication as Ngo-Metzger et al. (2006) point out. This type of communication was wholly missing. Another requirement of cultural competency is “respect for patient preferences and shared decision-making” and freedom from discrimination as well as linguistic competency (Ngo-Metzger et al., 2006, p. 1). In each of these conditions, the health care providers failed to meet the demands of cultural competency.

Essay on Informed Consent in Patient Experiments Assignment

In conclusion, ethical considerations in research and experimentation are just as important as ethical considerations in health care. Developing one’s cultural competency is an important part of providing quality care in today’s health care environment. Nurses and doctors must be aware of the fact that not all patients are going to be of the same ethnicity, the same background, the same language, and so on. Being prepared to treat a patient is more than merely having the training and skills to identify a health issue and treat it accordingly. Engaging the patient and communicating effectively with the patient so that the patient is informed are just as crucial and just as much a part of the process as anything else. This means that the health care providers should have translators on staff or on call so that they can be used in emergency situations. Assuming that a patient who speaks a different language understands because a family member has translated is poor practice and does not adhere to ethical protocol. The patient’s right to know is always the most important issue—like the participant's in a research study or experiment.


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