Infrastructure Protection Thesis

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¶ … Infrastructure Protection


Priority 1: A National Security Response System: One of the action items for this priority is to create a single point-of-contact by means of which the government would interact with industry and other partners. This would include cyberspace analysis, warning, and information sharing to help government maintain cyberspace security.

This priority has not yet been met; a recent speech by President Obama raised the issue and indicated that a wide-ranging national strategy would need to be developed. This will include, as the action item states, strong relationships between the government and the private and public sectors. A unified framework is necessary to handle cyber incidents as well as enhancing cyber security research and development.

Priority II: A National Cyberspace security threat and vulnerability reduction program: An action item for this priority is to reduce cyber attacks and threats by means of improved information sharing and investigation infrastructure.

This priority is also not yet adequately addressed. There are still many cases of cyberspace attacks, which indicates a lack of proper security. President Obama noted that he would be implementing a top-level office to address cyberspace and network security issues.

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Priority III: A National Cyberspace security and awareness training program. Little has been done to date to ensure that citizens are fully aware of the threats posed to their personal and national Internet security.

TOPIC: Thesis on Infrastructure Protection Assignment

There is no nationwide program in place to ensure that private- and public sector computer users understand the threats to their cyberspace security. In the past, this shortcoming was indicated by a basic lack of information sharing among government and officials, and also from… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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