Innovation in Business Process Management Case Study

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Therefore, many players are trying to develop products such as UNIX. This has made the market be saturated. Nevertheless, no single company has the capability of creating programming software that is close to Cordys' UNIX (Cruz-Cunha, & Varajao, 2011).

Low threat of Substitution

Many people are employing software as the major source of business process management solutions. This is based on developed software, which proved the required results. Cordys exhibit a commanding market presence that has positioned them for prolonged success in the industry. Close to this, users would opt to use traditional methods of upgrading their business systems such as manual upgrading of systems, which are time consuming, risky and painful (Fleischmann, 2011).

Moderate threat of New Entry

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Cordys have recorded reduced risks of the threat of new entrants because the industry has presented high standards of entry barriers. For any entrant to compete with Cordys, they will need enormous initial capital to develop a network of infrastructure for them to start operating. New entrants would face a feat in maintaining and upgrading their products and services at a level likely to usurp the prevailing market control. However, a new entrant that focuses on the key services provided by Cordys would be a threat to the company. This is because the company has the necessary information and talent. This might create an improved product than the owner offered by Cordys (Brocke, & Rosemann, 2010).

4. CORDYS strategic capabilities

TOPIC: Case Study on Innovation in Business Process Management Assignment

Cordys' resources will work to mitigate threats in the industry and exploit resources. Some of the opportunities, which could be exploited by the company, include political and legal conditions, international events, economic climate, cultural change, technological change, and demographic change (Johnson, Scholes, Whittington, 2008). Moreover, Cordys resource capabilities could mitigate threats such as threat of substitutes, threat of rivalry, threat of entry, threat of suppliers and buyers. If Cordys mitigates these threats and exploits the above opportunities, the company will generate more income. Costs will decrease while revenues will increase. The most effective way of identifying valuable capabilities and resources is by digging into Cordys' value chain. Within the value chain, Cordys will develop their products along different functions, which will add value to the products (Cruz-Cunha, & Varajao, 2011).

In this industry, it is hard for other players to access and imitate Cordys' innovative strategy. Therefore, innovative firms such as Oracle will not be able to implement their strategies based on valuable but costly to imitate resources. Therefore, Cordys will retain its competitive advantage, which ensures that success is sustained. Cordys have been successful in sustaining their competitive advantage. This has been achieved through inimitable capabilities and resources. The resources of Cordys are valuable but not rare thus, they are likely to be hurt by these resources and there is no competitive parity. In this case, Cordys are just better place just as other players in the industry. Thus, the company is at a normal level in economic terms. Even though the resources of Cordys are valuable, easily availed and easily imitated by other players in the industry, the company's resources have been properly organized thus becoming a competitive advantage for Cordys. This has been beneficial to the firm (Brocke, & Rosemann, 2010).


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