Innovation Describe a Process Research Paper

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Describe a process that you believe would foster innovation in the workplace. Be sure to focus on a process, not just summarize course or research materials.

Of the many frameworks, technologies and processes that can be used for nurturing and fostering innovation in the workplace, the most powerful are based on collaboration and communication across an enterprise. Studies of companies achieving exceptionally high levels of innovation point to the ability to nurture and sustain collaboration across entire supply chains and extended networks as well (Dereli, Durmusoglu, Daim, 2011). The case of Proctor & Gamble (P&G) and their ability to create highly differentiated and innovative logistics, supply chain and pricing models across thousands of suppliers illustrates this dynamic (Ragu, 2009).

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Creating a process that concentrates on collaboration through equitable influence over the creation process show significant potential (Liyanage, 1995). This often involves a series of iterative cycles of gaining feedback on a given concept, idea or potential product or service (Lee, Olson, Trimi, 2012). Often these feedback mechanisms are in person, in addition to facilitated online through portals and websites that are secured from public use. The most effective collaborative processes are anchored to a specific problem or issue that needs to be resolved (Lee, Olson, Trimi, 2012). By having this focus on a goal the many inputs and ideas from those parts of the collaboration process fit into an overall context. This brainstorming process continues for a period of time until the facilitators stop the process and have a group vote on the best results (often called a Delphi Panel).

#2: Why is the Innovator's Dilemma mis-titled?

Research Paper on Innovation Describe a Process That You Believe Assignment

There are several factors that contribute to The Innovator's Dilemma being mis-titled. At the center of this book's premise is the role of disruptive innovators who enter an established market, typically at the low-end of the price spectrum, and successively work their way up… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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