Input Diagnosis Capstone Project

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Input Diagnosis

According to the 2007 Annual Report for Palm, the corporate strategy of the company was identified as "develop market-defining products that deliver a great user experience"

With the acquisition of Palm by HP in April 2010, one can safely say that this will remain the corporate strategy for Palm even within HP, with the important mention that, after the acquisition, more important resources can be allocated towards fulfilling this objective. The aim of this paper is to use the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model in order to analyze the overall congruence between the different inputs and the corporate strategy.

As mentioned, the strategy that Palm has declared before its purchase by Hewlett Packard was a proactive one, where the products that the company developed would create new and better user experiences. Focusing on the clients' response, the main strategic objective that Palm had promoted was one that would maximize consumer satisfaction.

With its purchase by HP, this strategy has not changed, but it has been amplified, in order to best reflect the new resources that HP has brought in and that could now be allocated towards fulfilling the amplified objective. Within HP, the company strategy will also aim to increase market share and to acquire as much of the growing, $100 billion mobile market. At the moment of acquisition, the HP brand had about 1.5% of all smartphones, with no growth

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Capstone Project on Input Diagnosis Assignment

Following this brief description, one may conclude that Palm's strategy within HP will be unchanged from what had been previously proposed and this strategy can be identified as a differentiation strategy. According to this strategic approach, Palm aims to develop new products that can provide added-value to the consumer and a better experience than other products in the smartphones and mobile industry can. This, however, will also be complemented by the presence of Palm within HP and will have a cost leadership component to it as well: with its presence in a company the size and power of HP, Palm will be able to benefit from economies of scale and keep its costs down, to the degree to which these economies can be reinvested in research and development and can help the primary corporate strategy, product differentiation on the market.

Key organizational inputs

1. Environmental. The most important environmental input to be taken into consideration are the clients. As in any market that is based on innovation, creativity and technology, the client has a very important say in what products are to be developed, what can be sold on the market and what the general trend of the industry will be. From all these perspectives, one can assume that the mobile and smartphones market is a client-driven one. With Palm, this is especially true, with a notable impact of the business category of clients, those who have initially used the Palm as an organizational tool and who are still to be considered when creating new Palm models, given their business and organizational needs.

The second important environmental input that Palm will need to seriously factor into any strategic decision is the other competitors. With the likes of iPhone, Blackberry or Motorola, as well as some of the newcomers in the industry, such as Google's Nexus, Palm will need to calibrate its approach so as to consider strategic moves by the competitors. One such example would be, for example, the timing of new launches for Palm. Is it a good idea to launch a new product the same day or within the same timeframe that Apple would be launching a new version of the iPhone? Probably not. Palm will… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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