Research Paper: Instagram's Impact on Modern Life

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[. . .] Once you get 11 likes on a photo, you no longer see user names, but instead you see just a number. There are even unspoken rules to #TBT [Throwback Thursday] with some Instagram loyalists demanding that the photo has to be 'so old' that it's in physical form. What's your filter of choice" (Fineman 1)?


Despite this perhaps inevitable backlash against a company which has enjoyed such stratospheric success so swiftly, Instagram remains a potent and popular tool for PR and marketing. Marketers are even willing to cope with the less-elevated challenges that Instagram poses to optimal use: "You can't include links in captions or comments. You can't copy and paste inactive links from captions and comments. Users can't easily share your content to their personal networks. Even search is limited, mostly to hashtags" (Janssen 1). The simple fact that such a large mass of users is present on Instagram is argument enough to use it, regardless of certain less-than-ideal aspects of the platform.

Although Instagram may become an unhealthy obsession for some users, there is a growing expectation that at least some significant aspect of people's lives will be lived online and placed upon public display. Photographs are a way to get to know someone, whether they are of a good friend on Facebook or because the user's hashtags drew you to their artistic work on Instagram. The line between personal and corporate, between public and private life, between friends and strangers has all been blurred through the sharing enabled by Instagram and there are no signs of it stopping any time soon.

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