Institutional Pharmacy According to Various Essay

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There are various bodies that can regulate the pharmacies and they can range from state boards, such as the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy (MBP), to national boards. Regulations can, furthermore, include the following, according to MBP (2011):


-Pharmacy Board Examination

-Practical Experience Requirement

-License Renewal and Continuing Education [4: "Regulations - Table of Contents." HOME. Web. 20 Sept. 2011. .]

The important regulatory bodies further include, and this is very important to mention:

-OSHA (governmental agency that enforces health and safety regulation)

-FDA (charged with regulating consumer consumption of food and drugs)

-HIPAA (an organization that provides regulations for health and privacy of individuals)

-DEA (works as a body for the Department of Justice and is the drug enforcement agency that regulates drugs and combats illegal substances)

-Orphan Act (part of the FDA and has been utilized to treat rare diseases by enforcing research and development of such drugs)

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Essay on Institutional Pharmacy According to Various Assignment

It is thus important to note the positive aspect of institutional pharmacies upon the landscape of nursing homes, and other such long-term care facilities, especially due to their positive impact. However, it is most important to note that there are rules and regulations dominating the market, and there are three major players that dominate the market as well. The business is therefore tough, but very rewarding.
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