EHR Use & Design Impact After HITECH Act Essay

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Healthcare providers could be faced with problems especially when it comes to them receiving or sharing patient records. This is because the Act has mandated that a patient should be given their medical records when they request and with paper records this becomes difficult.

Promoting Interoperability as Outlined in the HITECH Act

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Meaningful use was used to ensure that healthcare organizations do not just install EHR systems and not make use of them to receive the financial incentives offered by the HITECH Act (Adler-Milstein & Jha, 2017). The healthcare organizations had to issue reports from time to time to prove that they were making use of the system. Interoperability refers to the ability of healthcare providers to share information with other providers. The exchange of health information between providers and patients promotes the delivery of care without patients incurring huge costs for tests that have been done in another facility. Interoperability means that healthcare data can be made available when and where it is required without any wastage of time to facilitate the speedy delivery of care to a patient. The HITECH Act envisioned a situation where a patient can move around with his or her medical records and this is why the Act pushed for there to be interoperability. Security and privacy are key concerns that have been covered by the Act, and securely sharing data is vital to promoting the sharing of data. The chances of patient records being misplaced have been reduced since all records are now stored electronically. Doctors' handwriting does not need to be interpreted by someone else for it to be legible.

Five Different Types of Security Measures

Protecting patient privacy requires that the healthcare provider secures the information stored in their EHR system and that there is no breach or illegal access. The information stored in the system is sensitive and there is a need for it to be protected at all times.

Essay on EHR Use & Design Impact After HITECH Act Assignment

User access and rights. Each user of the system should have his unique username and password for them to access the system. Each user should be advised not to share their access credentials since this is what will be used to monitor what is performed in the system. User rights determine the information that a user can access within the system. A physician should only be able to access patient information regarding his or her patients.

Firewalls should be implemented in the facility to limit and prevent external attacks. Firewalls will have rules that will monitor the traffic coming from outside the organization and within the organization. This will ensure that all traffic is monitored and unwanted traffic is not allowed within the network.

Antivirus software should be implemented in the organization. This will prevent the attack of viruses and malware that can be used to steal user information and data stored in the EHR system. A strong antivirus will protect the data and computers used within the organization.

Data backups are vital for the storage of data. Data backups offer the organization the opportunity to securely store copies of its data in a remote location. Backups are mostly done on a scheduled time and they are used to restore systems and data to their original state in case of a breach or failure.

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