Warm Up Exercises Instructional Guide Essay

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Note: All the dynamic stretches star in a neutral posture.

i. Head drop and Chin drop

Gently tilt your head towards one side, as you align your ear with your shoulder.

Return head to the neutral position and repeat 5 times on each side. Drop your chin to the chest and back to normal position ten times.

ii. Shoulder shrug and arm raise and pullback

Lift both of your shoulders towards your ears, circle them slowly backward and forward as you make pauses. Raise your arms to shoulder level and return to waist level 10 times. Raise and lower your arms at the back to the level you are comfortable with, 5 times.

iii. Wide arm circle

Move each of your warm in a circular motion forward and backward and make a count of 10. Change the direction of your arm rotation and repeat again, for each hand.

Figure 3: An illustration of a wide arm circle

iv. Gentle pivot and back squat

Use of one foot as a pivot. Bring the end the other leg in front and lower your body as the kneeled leg moves forward (Worksafe nb). Lower to a squat position and extend at knees, hips, and ankles in down and up direction. Repeat each exercise 10 times

VII. Tension breaker warm-up exercises

i. Upper Torso Stretch and Chest stretch

Raise your arms to shoulder level, dip the shoulders towards the front and push your upper back. Grasp your hands behind and guide your elbows upward as you push up and out with your chest.

ii. Triceps stretch and shoulder stretch

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Raise one of your arms over your head with your elbow flexed. Use the other hand to grasp it behind the elbow. Keep pressing down at an angle. Repeat with the other hand. For shoulder stretch, move your right arm in front. Place the left hand just above the right elbow. Apply some pressure gently to move the right hand towards the left side. Repeat with the left hand.

Figure 4: A tricep and shoulder muscle stretch

iii. Cat Stretch and Shoulder Dip

Essay on Warm Up Exercises Instructional Guide Assignment

With the same position as squatting, lift your lower back slightly and slide your hands down towards the knee. Lower your body and dip one of your shoulder in towards the opposite leg. Repeat with the other hand several times.

iv. Abdominal stretch and hip flexor stretch

Extend your arms overhead with the elbows in line with your ears as if reaching for something above. Lower the hands and repeat the stretch 10 times. Perform a front shit allowing your back heel to come off the floor (Aslan et al. 849). Move the front leg farther forward and lower your body between the legs.

Figure 5: A hip flexor stretch

v. Standing groin stretch and standing quadriceps stretch

Lower your body in position and put one of your hands on the hips as you use the other hand to push towards a hard wall. Further, flex your knee a pull your foot up back towards your waist and press hard wall with the other hand.

vi. Calf Stretch

This is the best stretch to finish the exercise with. Place your two hands on the wall and keep your heels fall on the floor (Sylvester, 213). Move your legs back and forth as you ensuring the back is no arched. Repeat this 10 times.

Figure 6: A worker doing a Calf Stretch

VIII. Glossary

The following are a few terms that you should understand for better comprehension of the instructional manual;

Flex: To bend a limb at a joint

Manual Handling: Tasks that may require a worker to lower, lift, pull, push, carry or hold any object, person or animal.

Hypertension: When a joint is moved beyond its ordinary range of motion the connective tissue reduces its capability to support and stabilize it.

Neutral Posture: Maintains the correct alignment of all joints, even the spinal cord.

Dynamic stretch: A gentle warm-up activity that helps promote blood flow and circulation as well as increase your’ body’s temperature.

Tension breaker stretch: exercise that reduces the feeling of tightness of the muscle, and prepares the muscles for the day’s activities.

IX. Works Cited
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