Instructional Writing -- Squat Machine Assembly Essay

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Instructional Writing -- Squat Machine Assembly

The following instructions are intended as a supplement to the Assembly and Instruction Manual published by Keys Fitness Products (KFP, 2009) for their Leverage Squat Machine Model KPS-LS, a piece of fitness equipment designed for home gyms. The KFP manual does provide the necessary instructions to assemble the machine; however, after following those instructions to completion, it became apparent to me that several aspects of those instructions could have been made more clear than the content of the manual.

Another valuable bit of information is that it can be quite difficult for one person to tighten the bolts because they require using two wrenches simultaneously. In some areas, there is very little room to maneuver, requiring many small turns for each bolt. I still have one bruise healing several weeks after assembling the unit caused by a slipped wrench that squashed my finger against the frame. A second pair of hands is not absolutely necessary, but the manual should indicate that it is preferable to have a second person helping throughout the assembly.

Step 1:

The manual leaves out one preliminary step that I found to be helpful: namely, laying out the three parts forming main base section on the floor perfectly indicates the functional area needed for the machine during use. After positioning those parts in the desired area of the room, one should assemble them using the supplied connecting bolts as indicated in the manual in accordance with the first diagram (KFP, 2009 p.2).

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Essay on Instructional Writing -- Squat Machine Assembly the Assignment

Once you have completed connecting the three main base sections, you should connect the right and left support arms one at a time as indicated in the second diagram (KFP, 2009 p.3), followed… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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